The Only Resolution You Need

by Marty Grosjean

The only resolution you need this year is be mindful

How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along?

Been to the gym every day?

Haven’t touched sugar since January 1?

Yep, that’s what I figured.

No worries. We've all been there. Here's a game-changing tip for you...

In the world of energy there’s only one resolution you need to make: be mindful.

Mindfulness is the key to manifesting all your other resolutions. Mindfulness puts your energy into a state where everything you want to manifest can be. Let’s see how that works…

What is Mindfulness?

Of course the big question is what mindfulness really means? It’s a trendy word now and it’s used in all sorts of contexts. In the world of energy it means keeping your awareness on what’s happening in your mind. Just keep one little piece of your mind at a distance in the background checking in now and then to see what’s happening there. Just watching is all. 

That’s step 1.

Then step 2 is using your awareness to influence what’s happening in your mind. Because in the beginning as you start to practice mindfulness you’re going to witness a lot of stuff you’d rather not. The mind on autopilot is generally a hot mess. One random thought flitting to the next, and more often than not with a negative slant to it. Anxiety, fear, doubt, worries about the future – those are the things the ego loves to ruminate on.

And of course what's ruminating in the mind has a huge impact on the state of your energy. Negative thoughts = negative energy. Positive thoughts = positive energy. And your energy in turn drives everything in your life. Thus the importance of using mindfulness to influence what’s happening in your mind.

Mind > Energy > Life

That’s the equation. It’s a rock solid rule of the Universe that cannot be avoided. Why are cheerful people happy? Why are grumpy people unhappy? Because they’re lucky and unlucky? Nope. It’s because cheerful people have mostly positive thoughts and grumpy people have mostly negative ones. Which in turn creates their state of energy, which in turn manifests the events in their lives, which in turn determines their happiness or unhappiness. And of course it’s a positive or negative feedback loop – the thoughts influence the energy, which makes it more likely you will have similar thoughts, which makes it more likely you will have similar energy….

So how do you this?

Mindfulness is a practice. You start small, you stumble and forget a lot, and you probably get frustrated. But if you persist it gets easier and easier. It’s definitely not natural. It takes some effort to get started.

The training wheels way to start is to set a periodic reminder. Simply set an alarm to go off every hour or two, and when you hear it take a mental step back and notice what was happening in your mind. What were you thinking about? Was it positive or negative? Do you feel cheerful or grumpy, confident or scared, loving or angry?

If you don’t like what you see then change direction. This can be challenging at first because the mind is really stubborn. It helps to set some intentions about what you want your mind to focus on. Pick just a few positive things you’d like to see in your mind when you look there, and what the thoughts associated with them would be. 

Some examples of intentions and affirmations that help guide your mind and energy into a positive realm:


The Universe is a benevolent place and the Life Force Energy from which it manifests is full of love and will always bring me what I need when I need it. I trust that all events in my life – whether they appear positive or negative at first glance – are ultimately designed to make me a better person and help me manifest happiness.


The entire Universe is connected and is a beautiful manifestation of the Divine. There is light in every being, and we are all on a spiritual/energetic journey. I accept each being where they are and as they are and do not pass judgment. I focus only on myself, for that is how I can change the world.


Life is long and the Universe is big, and what is happening in my life at this moment is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. I am not the center of the Universe. I am here to perfect myself and help others do the same.

    Of course these are big ones. They can also be more personal according to your needs. Some more examples:

    I Am Strong

    I have everything I need to manifest positive events and happiness in my life. The Universe loves me and supports me in my efforts to be content and fulfilled. I won’t let negativity I encounter change my energy, I will outshine it with my positive energy.

    I Am Fearless

    There’s nothing I need to worry about. Like all beings in the Universe, I am beautiful and perfect as I am. I will put effort into filling myself with love and positive energy, and as a result Life Force Energy will manifest everything I need in my life to be happy.

    I Am Blessed

    Despite the trials and tribulations that may come my way, I am a very lucky person. The challenges which I face are here to make me a better person. I will greet them with acceptance and strive to learn the lessons they’re here to teach. I’m thankful for the many beautiful things the Universe has given me – especially the opportunity to connect and learn and grow as I grow closer to the Divine.

    So that’s how it works in the world of energy. Forget the going to the gym and avoiding sugar resolutions. Set some big intentions and practice mindfulness. Focus your awareness on what is happening in your mind and when it doesn’t match your intentions then change your focus to them.

    It’s amazing how well it works. And it gets easier and easier. And life gets better and better…

    Till next time,

    Chief Energy Guru