Wealth, Abundance, and Energy

by Martin Grosjean

how your energy can improve your abundance

We all want enough money to live comfortably. And of course our culture tells us to want enough money to buy big houses and fancy cars, too. But what should we really want? And how can we use energy to help manifest that?

What we really want of course is to be happy. That’s a basic human desire and most definitely a legitimate one. And in fact an important part of our mission as humans is to manifest happiness in our lives – that’s what the Universe wants for us, and it’s constantly trying to help us do so. Why? Because when we’re happy we spread good energy, and the Universe is all about good energy.

What do wealth and abundance have to do with happiness? Well, wealth doesn’t have much to do with it, but abundance has everything to do with it…

Wealth is money, and generally it means lots of money. But as the cliché goes, you cannot buy happiness with money. Our culture certainly leads us to think that it will, but inside we all know that’s not true. Most of us know people with lots of money who are anything but happy. And we know people of modest means who are very happy.

Abundance, on the other hand, is much more than money. Abundance always includes enough money, but it also includes self-fulfillment, good health, love, connection to other people, connection to Life Force Energy – all the good and important things. Important because these are what bring us true happiness.

The good news is, if you apply your energy in the right way it will automatically bring you abundance. So yes, you’ll have enough money, but you’ll also have all those other beautiful things in your life. You can work furiously your whole life at making money, but if your energy is wrong it will never bring abundance (or happiness) with it.

So the key is to focus on using your work to manifest abundance, not make money. And how do you use energy to do that? Well, it’s as simple as aligning your work with the positive energy of the Universe. And then you just sit back and watch the abundance manifest.

Here’s how you do it:

Work to serve others, not to make money.

This means whatever your job is, you do it with a positive attitude and you strive to serve your customers, whoever they may be. They may be actual customers you see, or they may be people you never meet or even know who they are, or they may just be other people in your company. Regardless, you always have “customers” of some sort who benefit from your work. If you pour your heart into doing the best you can for them, you’re using the energy of your work to spread good energy into the Universe.

Have a job that aligns with Life Force Energy.

This means what you do at work and the company you work for must ultimately be aligned with the highest good. For most, that's not a problem, since even the most basic or entry level jobs will spread good energy when done well with a positive attitude. But if your job or your company in some way creates negative energy, then you need a change. You’ll know inside if that’s the case. Abundance will never come if your work spreads bad energy.

Love your job, love your colleagues, love your customers.

The key word here, of course, is love. If you spread love through your work, abundance will come. As we often say, love is the current of Life Force Energy. When you create love, the Universe gives you back everything you need. So if you have a job you can’t love, or colleagues or customers you can’t love, then it’s also time for a change. Everyone can find a job they love, it just might take a few tries. It doesn’t mean you have to like your work more than your weekends or jump out of bed with glee when you get to go to work – but it does mean you have to find satisfaction in your work, and most importantly that you can use it to spread love.

Follow these guidelines, and abundance will come. It’s a fundamental rule of the Universe that when you manifest good energy, it will manifest a good life for you. And since your job is such an important part of your life, it’s essential that it serves you in creating positive energy.

Money? Yes, you will have plenty. Wealth? Maybe or maybe not, but that’s not what’s most important. Abundance? Most definitely. Abundance - in all its forms - will make you happy. Which is your destiny. Pay attention to energy, it is everything…

Till next time,

Chief Energy Guru

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