What does it mean, "Energy is everything?"

by Angela Swanson

Energy is everything blog quantum physics

My 19 year-old daughter is delving into science. She has an insatiable curiosity about what the stuff of life is made of and how it all works. 

We have spirited discussions about the nature of reality and the “e” word - energy.

In traditional Newtonian physics, there’s very much a solid knowable reality. There are definable things we can see, hear, and touch with mass and coordinates in the Universe. There are rules and there is order. But in modern day physics, we can see there’s a reality that’s unknowable at its essence. When we allow for relativity and consider the very tiniest aspects of anything - at the quantum level - we can see there’s much more going on. 

That’s where the word energy comes into play. 

If you look at the very essence of anything it comes down to nothing. No thing.

A scientist will say the fundamental essence of a thing is the tiniest particles, called quarks. But there’s something in between the quarks… which is empty space. Nobody quite knows yet what that “space” is. 

For lack of a better word, it’s been deemed dark matter.

And it’s vibrating.

"Even something as solid as a frying pan is ultimately a mass of vibrating energy. As we delve into the pan, we find the iron atom, then the nucleus and ultimately we have particles called ‘quarks’ which make up the protons and neutrons in the iron nucleus, and between all the particles is space. However, the mass of the quarks is not enough to count for the heaviness of the pan – so where does that extra mass come from?" Dr. Eunice Minford MBChb, MA, FRCS Ed. Consultant Surgeon, Northern Ireland

There's a deep, implicate order to the Universe

Physicist David Bohm explored this in his book Wholeness and the Implicate Order, published in 1980. He proposed that underneath the physical reality we see, hear, and touch, there’s a deeper “implicate order” invisible to us. Bohm proposed the idea that there’s a field of “emptiness” that’s fluctuating in waves. And the interaction of these waves is what appears to us as particles.

Essentially, everything that’s manifested in the Universe (from the particle onward) comes from a vibrating field of… ok let’s just call it energy.

But maybe better yet, let’s call it potential. Because it’s not really anything specific yet, it’s just pure unlimited possibility.

The essence of energy is potential.

This is powerful for you to embrace because everything you think, say, believe, and do interacts with this field of energy, spawning something out of nothing. So yes, everything is energy and yes, you are creating your reality. And since everything and everyone is interconnected at this quantum energetic level (because it truly is an unlimited field) it’s even more profound to realize WE are creating OUR reality - together.

Understanding that “everything is energy” means you as an individual and we as a community have the power to change life for the better. 

Wow. The next question for you might be, “HOW?”

Keep an open mind.

Consider the possibility that ultimately everything is interconnected and nothing is truly separate or isolated within the whole universe.

Practice Stillness.

Connect with that part of you that’s always and forever in communion with the universe - take some quiet time to sit and close your eyes, let your mind rest and allow yourself to engage your sixth sense, feeling yourself as an energetic being.

Create wisely.

Every choice has a consequence for better or worse.

Be brave.

The fear of failure and ultimately death shouldn’t keep us from changing, growing, and living our best life. Energy cannot be destroyed so when we fail we can learn and when we die we change from form to formlessness - going back to pure unlimited potential, and who knows maybe eventually back to form again...

Be intentional.

Living your best life is being aware of the quality of energy you’re choosing to live from – it’s the quality of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions that creates your experience. 

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Till next time,

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