What is Life Force Energy?

by Martin Grosjean

What is life force energy and how do you feel when you're connected to it

We talk a lot about Life Force Energy around here. About how your life and everything in the Universe manifest from it. And about how if you connect with it and align your thoughts and actions with it your life will be filled with happiness and fulfillment.

But what exactly is Life Force Energy?

That’s the million dollar question! And the answer is, well… complicated. Not because Life Force Energy is complicated. It’s really not. But describing it is.
The sages over the millennia have generally described it as ineffable – meaning something that cannot be described in words. That’s because Life Force Energy is not something you can see or hear or touch, you can only experience it. Like feel it from the inside.

Life Force Energy isn’t something that the mind – or its driver the ego – can comprehend. It doesn’t compute. You can’t “wrap your head around it.” You can’t put a box around it or classify it. It is, well, ineffable…

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get an idea of what it is or what it’s like. First of all, there are some other names for it:

Life Force Energy is also known as...

God - what Judeo-Christian traditions call the creative force of the universe and the source of all things.

The Tao - what Taoism calls the unconditional and unknowable source and guiding principle of all reality.

Brahman - what Hinduism calls the ultimate reality underlying all phenomena.

Buddhanature - what Buddhism calls the seed within all of us that has the potential to grow and become enlightened.

Chi - what traditional Chinese medicine calls our life force, the life-giving energy that flows through you and through everything.

Quantum Field - a ‘vacuum state’ level of energy with the highest possible order and greatest potential from which physical matter manifests from the sub-atomic to the atomic level.

And many more. But if you’re familiar with some of these, then it may help you to comprehend Life Force Energy.

The art of poetry is an excellent medium for expressing the ineffable, and there have been many great poets whose prose has captured the experience of connecting with Life Force Energy. A couple of our favorites are Rumi, most especially Coleman Barks’ The Big Red Book, and the delightful anthology Love Poems from God as interpreted by Daniel Ladinsky.

But maybe it would be easier to share some of the feelings people have when they experience Life Force Energy. Many of us have had a connection with it at some point in our lives. Often it was simply a few fleeting moments. Or if you’re on a spiritual journey then it could be anything from a vague feeling to a deep, moving experience – depending on how far down the path you are.

Here are some of the feelings people have reported in their connections with Life Force Energy:

5 feelings you may experience when you're connected to Life Force Energy:

The Universe is a beautiful, perfect, miraculous place where everything is just as it should be. Joy!
A huge weight is lifted and everything is floaty and light and easy and warm. Freedom!
The past and the future are gone and everything and everywhere are right here, right now and full of infinite potential. Adventure!
You are one with all beings and all things in the Universe and the body / mind / individual dissolves into a deep love that knows no bounds. Connection!
Every single thing is resplendent and deep and sparkling with light and love and is a perfect manifestation of its highest potential. Beauty!
Doesn’t all that sound good? That’s why we keep urging you to practice connecting to Life Force Energy!
Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of Life Force Energy is that it’s interactive. When you connect your energy with it, it sends you energy back. As we always say, love is the current of Life Force Energy. So the more you exude the positive energy of love through your life, the more love and good energy come back into your life. The most virtuous cycle of all!
Prayer is a well-known way to send your energy to Life Force Energy. Not just asking for things or repeating a formula, but sincere, from-your-heart prayer like gratitude and loving-kindness. A similar concept is setting positive intentions. If you send your intentions to the Universe – and they’re aligned with the highest good and not just superficial wishes – Life Force Energy will receive and respond to them.
It's the most beautiful relationship you can possibly have. You surrender to Life Force Energy and acknowledge that it manifests your life - and so you give up trying to control everything and fill yourself with love and let it flow. And it will flow!
Before you know it you’ll find your life filled with joy, freedom, adventure, connection, and beauty.
Energy is everything…
Until next time,

Chief Energy Guru