What happens if you just… stop?

by Angela Swanson

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What happens if you just… stop?

Spoiler alert: Everything starts working right again.

We are trained to believe, yes TRAINED to believe that we have to work hard (and fast and furiously) to make things happen in this life. From the time you wake up to the time you close your eyes at night, we must WORK. 

Of course, work can be many things: answering emails, taking care of the house, managing your family’s schedule, planning every single thing in your calendar, mapping out your career path, figuring out how to make money, working hard at your job, figuring out who you are, and designing a whole plan for your life.

Generally speaking, we work to get something and we believe (and fear) if we stop working we won't get it. 

I’ve done this for my entire adult life. I’ve worked very hard indeed. But what’s so mind-boggling to me is that the BEST things in my life have come about - not by my own design and construction - but when I stopped long enough to become available for inspiration.

A blessing in the burnout.

For example, all I’ve ever wanted in my work-life is to have 5 things: work I love, the freedom to work anywhere, flexibility to not punch a clock, financial opportunities, and creativity.

I’ve gone down several paths with all the right tools in my toolbox to build this kind of work-life with gritty determination and hard work. I hired coaches to help me. I took courses of all kinds to get the secrets of success. I invested money in tools, programs, and technology, I put myself out there, worked all hours of the day and night, and never gave up. 

Until I burned out.

One thing I know for sure is that if you’re on a spiritual path, the Universe won’t let you get away with ignoring it for too long. It’s like a really good parent, swift in its correction and deeply interested in employing you for the Highest Good.

My burnout forced me to give up the notion that my dreams must come true according to my timeline and by my design. I literally fell off the hamster wheel of my life. What a blessing! It gave me a minute to breathe and just stop. Scary? Yes. But man does it feel good to stop and  breathe! Stopping made space for some inner nudges that wanted to bubble up from within me. In this case prompting me to apply for a part time job - just for the fun of it. 

That was almost 3 years ago! What I thought was a “mindless” and temporary break from my stressful pursuit of happiness was actually a doorway to those 5 things I’ve always wanted: work I love, freedom, flexibility, financial opportunities, and creativity.

I never could have planned that!

Getting into energetic flow.

Stopping and listening (rather than working even harder) brought me to where I am today, which by the way isn’t exactly what I put on my vision board yet is a work-life I absolutely love.

It’s not how we’re taught to do it. And honestly, the real work involved is working on your own fears and negative self-talk which will work against you every time.

Here are a few ways I suggest getting into the energetic flow of the Universe:

  1. Stopping, resting, playing. Doing what brings you joy - or doing nothing at all.
  2. Letting go of your rigid expectations of what the outcome should look like.
  3. Making yourself available for inspiration and insight and journalling about it if that's your thing.
  4. Taking small steps rather than big sweeping changes.
  5. Trust that the Universe is working FOR you and together WITH you for the Highest Good.

Till next time,

Chief Energy Fairy

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