The Highest Good? What it means and how make decisions that are aligned with it.

by Martin Grosjean

How to make decision that are aligned with the highest good

From time to time in our energy tips we talk about the importance of aligning yourself with the highest good. But what exactly does that mean? What is the highest good? And how do you know whether you’re aligning yourself with it?

Well, first of all, there’s no exact definition of the highest good. But loosely speaking it’s whatever is in the interest of all beings and the entire Universe in general. That helps, eh? 😊 So yeah, it’s a pretty loosey-goosey concept for sure. But, like everything related to energy, it’s really more about feeling and intuition than about an exact concept.

So when trying to think and act according to the highest good, you really want to listen to your inner voice. Your inner voice comes from Life Force Energy, and it will never lead you astray. As we often say, the current of Life Force Energy is love and light and truth, so if you let it lead then you’ll always be on the path of the highest good.

Thus, in the general course of your life, you want to try and live from your heart and let love be the energy that emanates through your thoughts and actions. And it’s important that it’s your thoughts as well as your actions. In the world of energy, a thought is as important as an action – perhaps even more important – since actions are simply manifestations of thought. Thinking negative thoughts and trying to act nicely will not fool the Universe. The highest good comes from the inside most of all.

If you’re pondering a specific decision or course of action and aren’t sure which direction is in the highest good, it helps to stop, be still and connect with Life Force Energy. We discuss many ways to do that in our Guru Tips series. But basically you have to be still and allow your mind to relax so your usual current of thoughts subsides, then quietly ask the Universe which course is in the highest good. Then, being still, stay connected to energy and wait for the answer to drift into your mind. It always will.

The important thing to know about the highest good is that it isn’t just about you, it’s about what is in the interest of the Universe and Life Force Energy from which it manifests. But since you are made of Life Force Energy, as is everyone and everything else, what’s in the highest good is automatically in your highest good also. So you don’t have to worry whether following your inner voice might not be in your best interest. It always is, even if your pesky mind/ego is in the background protesting.

And of course you may be wondering why it’s so important that you think and act according to the highest good? Good question. It’s because your life manifests from Life Force Energy, and Life Force Energy is only concerned with what’s in the highest good. So by aligning yourself with it you ensure that your life will unfold according to its highest, most fulfilling, most joyful potential.

The mind/ego likes to think that it’s in charge. The ego is under the illusion that it needs to make decisions and judgements and to analyze and steer and thus control everything in your life. Well, it’s wrong. It doesn’t need to do all that, and it does not control your life. In the world of energy we know that everything – including your life – manifests from Life Force Energy. Your mind/ego can try valiantly to fight it, but it will always lose.

So the easiest course, and the one that will make your life unfold according to your highest good, is to surrender to the energy of the Universe and let it do the work. That’s what thinking and acting according to the highest good is all about. It’s pretty easy actually. Just listen to your inner voice, fill your life with love, and watch as everything starts to go your way.

Till next time,

Chief Energy Guru