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by Marty Grosjean

About Life Force Energy, Shamanism, Taoism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Quantum Physics

You hear a lot these days about energy. Not electricity or oil energy, but the more important kind – Life Force Energy – the kind we talk about here at Life Harmony Energies. It seems everyone’s talking about manifesting this or that, and saying things like "my energy is high or low," or "he/she has good/bad energy." This kind of energy is invisible. It’s  the energy of intentions, self-empowerment, and spirituality. The “I can’t really tell you what it is but I can feel it” energy.

It’s on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram – it’s trending for sure. Your yoga instructor talks about it, your friends talk about it, heck your mother might even talk about it. So is this just some sort of social media fad? Where did this obsession with energy come from? Is it real or just in peoples’ minds? Is there any science behind it?

Life Force Energy is as old as the human race.

People have been writing about this kind of energy since the beginning of the written word, and talking about it for thousands of years before that. And science has even started to wrap its head around it in the last hundred years or so. Let’s take a look at the background. 


Tribal healers have been working with energy for thousands of years in every corner of the globe, long before they had any interaction with each other. And what’s remarkable is the similarity of the practices across cultures and geographical locations.

Shamans work with many modalities, from herbs to bodywork to journeying. An underlying theme of all their work is that illness stems from an energy imbalance, or trapped energy, or foreign energy. They believe when something is out of whack in a person’s life, it has something to do with the underlying energy. Journeying in particular is a practice that happens purely in the energetic realm, involving the Shaman leaving their physical body to journey through the energetic/spiritual world in a quest to balance or restore or release something in the energy of the patient.


In ancient China the sages developed the concept of the Tao – loosely translated as the Way – which is in essence another term for Life Force Energy. The Tao is the all-pervasive energy of the Universe that governs everything from the planets to the birds and the bees. It embodies the natural order of the Universe, and living in harmony with the Tao is the key to a happy and healthy life. Taoism was the incubator of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it established a very sophisticated system of using energy to improve health. It recognized that subtle energy is the underlying substrate of human life and developed methods such as Qigong and Feng Shui to move and balance energy in the body and the environment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) grew out of Taoist health practices, and it’s based largely on the concept of Chi, which is what they call Life Force Energy. Chi is the subtle energy which flows through the body and the Universe. You’ve probably heard of Yin and Yang and seen the popular white and black flowing symbol depicting the flow of two aspects of Chi, which ideally are in perfect balance in the human body and in the Universe.

The most well-known TCM healing technique is acupuncture, which works by removing energy blockages and improving the flow of energy throughout the human body. Chi flows through a system of channels in the body called meridians, and by placing the acupuncture needles at various meridian points in the body the energy can be moved and directed.

Acupuncture is now widely recognized as an effective health treatment for many conditions and is used in most hospitals and covered by most insurance plans. So Western medicine has fully accepted its efficacy. But guess what? It’s all based on that invisible Life Force Energy that they otherwise dismiss at every opportunity. So subtle energy definitely affects your health, that’s been proven enough to be accepted by the conventional medical establishment. But how does it work? The conventional world is not asking that question…


Meanwhile, while in China they were developing the concept of the Tao and Chi, in India the Hindu culture was creating the concept of Prana. And yes, Prana is the same Life Force Energy – the same as the Tao and the same as Chi. Ayurvedic Medicine, yoga, and Hindu spirituality rely heavily on the concept of Prana. For both spiritual and physical health it’s  important that your Prana is flowing and balanced, and in the body it moves through the chakra system, somewhat akin to the meridian system of TCM.

Quantum Physics

So yes, the concept of Life Force Energy has been around a long time, especially in ancient and Eastern cultures. And it has been used for healing and healthcare all along. But what about the modern Western World? What about “science?” Does science even acknowledge it?

For the most part, no. But there is a branch of theoretical physics called Quantum Mechanics that has begun to scratch the surface. Quantum theory has determined that there is a field of energy at the sub-atomic level – in other words at a level even smaller than atoms, which are generally the smallest particles that are physically measurable. Atoms emerge from and dissolve into this quantum energy field. It appears that this quantum energy underlies all matter in the Universe, and in ways not yet understood, it very much affects what happens in the material world.

And guess what? This quantum energy has a lot of the same characteristics as Life Force Energy. For example, it’s influenced by intentions (the observer effect), it operates outside the physical constraints of time and space, at any moment there are multiple possible outcomes to any action – including perhaps in other dimensions or Universes. This all flies in the face of conventional Newtonian physics, which Western science and medicine are based upon.

So here we have Western science just starting to discover something that the ancient sages and healers have been using since the dawn of mankind. The good news is that a handful of curious scientists have been studying the intersection of quantum physics and health over the last 100 years or so. They’ve developed techniques that use quantum energy to measure and influence the body’s health. The most widely used methodology is called bioresonance – which essentially uses quantum/subtle energetic frequencies to interact with the body’s energy field, known as the biofield.

By using quantum energy to influence the biofield, the health of the body can be improved. There are now devices that can measure and alter the biofield, and there are trained health therapists that do that for a living. Many naturopaths and other holistic practitioners also use such devices.

And Life Harmony Energies

Which brings us to our company, Life Harmony Energies, and the products we offer to improve your health, well-being, and spirituality. Some of these scientists that have been exploring quantum energy and its influence on health have developed techniques for creating quantum energetic frequencies and storing them as “information” in objects. Once this information is infused into an object, the object then emits the energetic frequencies into the environment around it.

What kind of objects do we infuse? Beautiful jewelry you wear. Small carbon stickers you put on your cell phone and other wireless devices. Attractive decorative accessories you put in your home. They all contain different energetic frequencies designed to accomplish different goals. Such as neutralizing EMF radiation, supporting your health, balancing your energy, protecting your aura, harmonizing your food, water, and home, and more.

Using the New Old Energy in Your Life

So this very ancient idea of Life Force Energy is available to you in our modern world to improve your life. Yes it’s trending, and everyone is talking about it. That’s because it’s important and it works. In fact energy is really the most important thing in your life, as we often talk about here in our Energy Talks. So embrace it, work with it, and talk about it with your friends. It’s for real.

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