The Evolution of EMF Jewelry: From Traditional to High-Tech Designs

by Marty Grosjean
EMF Jewelry

EMF jewelry has been developed and manufactured for providing our loyal customers with wearable EMF protection using our proprietary bioresonance technology. Each piece in our line of EMF jewelry offers dual-level benefits that come from bioenergetic frequencies energized into the materials with which these pieces have been created.

But just because these wearable pieces are highly functional, effective, and created from a variety of materials, doesn’t mean they can’t also be stylish and attractive. From the very start, our EMF protection products have been intended to prevent the negative energies emitted by all of the wireless devices and electronics in our lives from having a significant adverse impact on your well being.

As the years have gone by, the bioenergetic process we use for our EMF jewelry pieces has remained almost entirely the same. That’s because it works on a cellular level, interacting with your body’s biofield and the life force energies that flow within through your meridians.

While the energizing process we use to infuse the jewelry with bioresonance frequencies is proprietary information, the evolution of these pieces from traditionally functional to high-tech is more apparent upon first glance.

Functional and Simple

Wearable EMF protection has been as simple as wearing a braided leather wristband with a stainless steel clasp. Simple, straightforward, and easy to wear with just about any outfit, be it casual or formalwear. Placing the wearable on the wrist allows for the bioresonance energy to be absorbed into one of the meridians of the body, located in the wrist.

From there, bracelets made of sterling silver or 18K gold vermeil or cuffs of gold plated, silver-rhodium plated, and hematite plated aesthetic offer elegant designs with subtle detailing that complement evening wear.

These designs are suited for both men and women and they offer the same level of protection from the harmful effects of EMF radiation. The sophisticated subtlety of these designs made incorporating EMF protection into everyday life a whole lot easier, whether it was at home or for a night on the town.

In both places, the prevalence of EMF radiation is all around.

More High-Tech Designs

Bracelets are only one part of the collection. After that, pendant necklaces made of 14K gold or white gold for equal EMF protection to the pieces that can be worn on the wrist, now hanging from the neck. All designed to protect the wearer from harmful EMF radiation.

But as technology has increased and grown more high-tech, the need for protecting consumers from the EMFs being emitted from our most popular wireless electronics has grown more urgent. The Health & Harmony Energy Bracelet, the latest and most comprehensive piece of EMF protection jewelry yet, combines four bioresonance energies for stronger health support as it offers life-supporting biophotons that work to stimulate the energy of the cells in your body.

Not only do these energies help to ward off the negative effects of oxidative stress that EMF radiation can inflict on a cellular level, but they also interact with the biofield to drastically reduce stress and anxiety for as long as the bracelet is worn around the wrist, one of the main meridian points on the human body.

What’s Next?

Technology continues marching on and moving forward. The next best-selling product is most likely just around the corner and you can bet we’ll have you fully protected with EMF jewelry that is completely effective at harmonizing the negative energies found in EMF radiation while boosting the immunity of your body’s cells against the oxidative stress that can occur from long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Check out our line of EMF jewelry to see which one best suits you today!