Using Kundalini Meditation and Biofield Therapy to Open the Chakras, Ease Anxiety, and Get Better Quality Sleep

by Angela Swanson


Kundalini Meditation and Energy Therapy for Better Sleep

Chakras. Energy. Flow. For thousands of years, dating back to ancient Hindu scriptures, chakras have been understood as an elegant system of energy within the human body. It’s a system that literally distributes vital life force energy throughout your body and greatly influences your mind, body, and spiritual health. 

You have seven main chakras. You can think of these as energy centers that can be open or closed. When all centers are open, or “spinning,” vital life force energy flows freely up and through the body--from the bottom of the feet all the way through top of your head--creating maximum mind and body health and amplified spiritual awareness.  When any of the chakras are closed, vital life force energy is blocked which can lead to a variety of mental and physical imbalances, dysfunctions, and disease and can also result in a feeling of spiritual malaise, or a disconnection from your Higher Self.

The good news is that there are many different ways to open your energy centers and keep that good energy flowing. It’s not just conjecture. Research shows that two specific alternative medicine techniques — Kundalini meditation and biofield therapy — actively improve the energy flow throughout your body.

Here’s what you need to know:

What is Kundalini Meditation?

Kundalini meditation is a type of meditation that combines deep breathing with hand gestures, mantras, and body movements to awaken energy and help it to flow. Along with other types of meditation (such as mindfulness meditation, guided meditation, tai chi and qi gong), Kundalini meditation was popularized in the 1960s, when Yogi Bhajan combined it with yoga as part of a concerted effort to bring meditation to the Western world. 

Literally translated from Sanskrit, “Kundalini” means “coiled snake,” and Kundalini meditation involves moving energy from the coiled snake in your root (bottom) chakra up your spine to your crown (top) chakra. In this way, Kundalini meditation harnesses the power of your root energy (i.e., root chakra) so that you become fully awake and aware, connected to all your senses and empowered to act with purpose rather than simply responding to life events. 

Such meditation techniques have been proven effective at both generating energy and reducing stress. Research from the University of Kassel in Witzenhausen, Germany, for instance, shows that conscious breathing, such as that practiced in Kundalini meditation, releases energy that can be used for healing! 

Furthermore, like all meditative techniques, Kundalini meditation has also been shown to reduce cortisol levels and thus reduce stress, improve cardiovascular health, strengthen the immune system, lower the rate of anxiety and depression and improve sleep for the people who practice it!

What is Biofield Therapy?

Biofield therapy is an alternative healing technique that uses your energy to improve your health, similar in that way to Kundalini meditation. Various types of biofield therapy have been shown to ease anxiety, reduce pain, and even shrink tumors in rats. 

Biofield therapy involves the noninvasive manipulation of the energy field within and surrounding your body (the biofield). There are several types of biofield therapy such as Reiki energy healing and therapeutic touch. These make use of a clinician who influences a client’s energy with the energy flowing through his or her hands. The clinician may or may not actually touch the client, but studies show that biofield therapy, like Kundalini meditation, can reduce stress and improve the quality of your sleep by assisting the flow of your energy.

Here are 6 benefits of good energy flow that are recognized within the holistic healing community:

  1. Better sleep
  2. Reduced anxiety
  3. Stronger immunity
  4. General feeling of happiness and overall well-being
  5. Sense of purpose and empowerment
  6. Connection to Higher Power and Higher Self

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