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    Our energy pendants look good on you and help you feel good inside! These beautiful necklaces come with different energies to help you change your life for the better. Each energy pendant contains our unique and powerful bioresonance energy.
    4 products

    Our energy pendants are ideal for anyone who wants to improve the self and increase their spiritual consciousness or protect themselves from the dangers of EMF radiation.

    These pendants offer different energies to help you change your life for the better. The Everlasting Charm Necklace helps to combat the negative energies that can impact your physical and psychological well-being, while the Pure Light Pendant provides the most effective method of protection for supporting the body's natural energies to minimize the potentially damaging effects of EMF radiation on the mind and body.

    Each energy pendant contains our unique and powerful bioresonance energy, backed by over two decades of scientific research and development that have shown to bring positive and impactful results.

    Why the Pure Light Pendant is Critical in Today's EMF-Rich Environment

    As our electronic devices evolve, we find ourselves more at risk from the negative health impacts from exposure to the EMF radiation they give off. Studies report that lengthy exposure to EMF's have shown to cause significant negative health impacts in the form of decreased immunity, changes in reproductive hormones, even damage to DNA, among other highly dangerous and disturbing effects.

    That's why it's important to protect yourself as EMF radiation is quite literally all around you just about everywhere you go. We carry EMF emissions in our pockets, wear them on our wrists, subject ourselves to this radiation inside our homes. If your home has WiFi then you are living with EMF emissions day in and day out and the threat of harmful health outcomes in the future if you don't protect yourself.

    Why the Everlasting Charm Necklace is Vital for Improving Your Life Force Energy

    The Everlasting Charm Necklace has been specially designed to help open the heart, mind, and soul to invite self-development and complete spiritual self-discovery, allowing you to evolve into the fully-realized human being you are truly meant to be. An individual with confidence, trusting of others, generous, and able to forgive others' transgressions.

    This progress is achieved in stages, each charm is added to the pendant as your Life Force energy becomes more in sync under the specific energies that are offered with every subsequent charm. As you grow, you place another charm on the pendant, getting closer to your intended self-realization and a greater focus on who you are and how to put your purpose to work for positivity in the world.

    Each charm offers its own exclusive energy at each level of your journey:

    Charm #1 - Courage to Grow

    Charm #2 - Trusting the Path

    Charm #3 - Willingness to Give

    Charm #4 - Living in Harmony

    The Everlasting Charm Necklace uses a step-by-step process for guiding your true self towards realization based on the teachings and tenets of renowned spiritual leaders, sages, and world religions. As you incorporate the charms on the pendant in a gradual manner, this gives you the opportunity to reap the benefits of all the energies both separately and combined, to help you tap into your inner wisdom and fortify your own energetic well-being.

    It is recommended that you add one charm to the pendant on a monthly basis to build upon their intended benefits for the maximum performance of the Everlasting Charm Necklace's energetic frequencies.


    Life Harmony Energies products work using a bio-energetic approach to health that has long been in use throughout Europe. This highly-effective, dual-level technology has been shown to reduce the risks of EMF radiation while, at the same time, supporting the body's energy to fight against the negative stressors that can affect your health and well-being.

    Every pendant has been manufactured with this dual-level technology for harmonizing the negative energy frequencies in EMF's while increasing the energy in the cells of the body to an optimal level to promote good health.

    No. The pendant is not an EMF blocker. None of the jewelry in our collection that offers protection against EMF radiation exposure can claim that ability nor would we want them to have it. The wearer wouldn't be able to go near electric vehicles, use the Internet, or communicate via text.

    These pendants are designed only to harmonize and neutralize the effects of EMF radiation, not disable all electraomagnetic fields within the surrounding areas. In fact, this would be a very tall order for any EMF protection jewelry as it would require an incredible amount of energetic frequency to be embedded into the material from which the pendant is made.

    Yes, the pendant can and should be cleaned every so often. The best way to do that is by using a soft polishing cloth. Avoid placing the pendant into water, but in the event your energy pendant does get wet for any reason, a soft paper towel is all you need to dry it off.

    To help keep the pendant and any other Life Harmony Energies jewelry looking its best, remove them from your body prior to swimming, taking a shower, or performing strenuous activity that might get perspiration or moisture on the surface of the material .

    Keep the pendant away from sunscreen, cosmetics, perfumes, and products that contain alcohol or any other harsh, stringent chemicals. All of these things can wear away the finish of the pendant and damage the appearance as a result.

    Most people don't detect a marked difference in how they feel once they've begun wearing the pendant. There have been reports of individuals who are especially sensitive to the energies around them noticing an immediate and marked difference in their overall health and well-being.

    But everyone is different and just because you may or may not detect a specific change in your health, you are still getting the benefits of bio-energetic protection from the pendant as the energy frequencies in the materials are absorbed by a meridian in your body for improved circulation of energy and increased cell health.

    You may return any product in new and unused condition within 60 days for a full refund, and all products warranted against defects in workmanship for one full year.

    All of our Energy Pendants are safe for pregnant or nursing women since they work at an energetic level. The pendants have no magnetic properties nor do they give off electromagnetic radiation, they will not disrupt the normal functionality of medical devices.

    The energy embedded inside of our Energy Pendants will not run out or expire. You can expect the pendant to continue protecting you from EMF's for as long as you wear it. The pendant does not need to be recharged nor replaced after a certain period of time.

    But we are always updating our products to remain current with the advances in the technology on which we all rely, including our smartphones, tablets, and wifi routers. While your pendant will continue to provide full protection, the only reason you might consider replacing the pendant for a newer model would be to take advantage of the updated benefits against new devices and technologies that hit the market in the future.

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