You're Invited to Join the Ageless Skin Care Revolution & Get it FREE

Exclusive invite for VIP customers of Life Harmony Energies.

We cordially invite you to join the most exciting and promising advance in skin care. Not only is our skin care meticulously crafted in Europe, meeting the strictest EU standards for natural cosmetics, it's made of high-performance ingredients combined with our proprietary bio-resonance energy. The formula of the ingredients alone are head and shoulders above most other skin care out there but it's the energy that puts it in a whole new stratosphere. There's nothing else like it in the U.S. market today.

Will you help?

You can probably imagine how competitive the skin care market is. There are many companies with deep pockets cranking out sub-par skin care who make bogus claims. For our small company, it can be quite a challenge to compete. We even thought about giving up on skin care altogether. BUT - our team and customers have seen such extraordinary results using the skin care that we just can't keep it a secret.

We're looking for more real-life results from people like you who try it and then let us know their results. In exchange for your feedback, you'll get the skin care for free! We'll publish the survey results to help customers make an informed choice when deciding whether or not to try it for themselves.

What you'll get:

  1. Ageless Face Oil, Ageless Face Cream, and Ageless Body Spray at 50% off.
  2. Once post-use survey is complete, we'll reimburse you 100% of your purchase.
  3. 50% off your next Ageless skin care order (if you so desire).

If you haven't heard about our Ageless Skin Care, please take a moment and get acquainted here.

If you'd like to participate, here's what to do next:

  1. Complete the form on this page and submit the form by clicking the "Join Now" button.
  2. If you've agreed to the 3 terms on the form, you'll be sent a confirmation email with step-by-step instructions for participating. Check your inbox and if you don't see the confirmation email, please also check your promotions/junk/spam folder. 
  3. In the confirmation email, you'll get step-by-step instructions explaining how to get started, how to use the skin care and for how long, what to do when you've finished the trial period, how to fill out the post-use survey, how to get reimbursed for your initial purchase, and how to get 50% off on your next Ageless Skincare purchase (if you so desire).

Thank you for considering! We'd be thrilled to have you join the program and become part of the Ageless Skincare revolution!