Guru Tips from Life Harmony Energies

Using Life Force Energy to Improve Your Life

Lesson 1 - What is Life Force Energy?

Welcome to our Guru Tips guide to using Life Force Energy to improve your life. In just 10 short lessons you will learn the basics of using energy to make positive changes in your body, mind, and spirit!

You have undoubtedly experienced the effects of Life Force Energy already. It is all around you, it is the stuff that you – and all of life – is made of. Here are a few examples of energy working in the world that you've probably seen in your life before:

  • 🥰 Love at first sight – You look into the eyes of someone you meet for the first time and you feel an immediate connection and attraction. Is it their outfit? Their hairstyle? Your hormones? Nope, it’s energy. You and they have compatible energy that resonates with each other. It's an invisible force and most people don't recognize it, but oh is it powerful! And if you find the person with whom you resonate perfectly, you’ve found your soul mate.
  • 😬 Getting that icky feeling – You’ve also met someone who rubs you the wrong way, who you just have some mysterious  aversion to. You’d rather not be around them, because you don’t feel good when you’re with them. Just a personality conflict? Nope, it’s energy. In this case your energy is not compatible with theirs, and instead of resonance there is dissonance.
  • 😏 Someone’s watching you – You get this spontaneous feeling that you’re being watched, and you turn around, and sure enough someone is looking right at you. Yep, energy. Your energy felt their energy being directed at you, and naturally you turned around to see what was happening.
  • 😇 Your lucky day – You’ve had those days where everything just goes well. You feel good all day, positive things and seemingly chance occurrences just happen out of nowhere. We tend to call it luck, but it’s actually energy. Your energy that day is vibrating at a high frequency and you’re connecting with the Life Force Energy – and when that happens, magic happens!
  • 🤔 Déjà vu – Wait, you’ve been here before. This scene has happened already. But how can that be? Yes, it’s Life Force Energy, which is not bound by either time or space. Your energy connected to the experience before it even happened, and when your body catches up to it you could swear you’ve been there already!
Life Force Energy

Okay, this is sounding a little far out, no? Well, it is. But it’s for real. And it’s not something new. Different cultures around the world have grasped the existence of Life Force Energy and have used it for healing and self-improvement for thousands – yes thousands – of years. The most well-known examples come from Asia, like the Chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Prana in Ayurvedic healing (and yoga) from India.

And you can learn to use the “magic” of Life Force Energy in your life. Because it’s not really magic, it’s an integral part of your world. Simply by using your mind you can influence the energy in your life, especially your own personal Life Force Energy, which is called your biofield.

Stay tuned for our next lesson, where we’ll introduce one of the easiest and most powerful energy practices – grounding. You will learn how to connect your biofield energy to mother earth’s energy, a practice that will bring you great benefits!

See you back here soon…

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