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Using Life Force Energy to Improve Your Life

Lesson 8 - Relax and Trust the Life Force Energy

Welcome back to our Guru Tips guide to using Life Force Energy to improve your life. In the last lesson we learned how to live more in the present moment. Now we’ll learn how to reduce anxiety and stress in your life by letting the Life Force Energy work for you.

Due to our evolutionary ancestry when humans had to hunt and scavenge to survive, we humans are hard-wired to try and control our environment. In ancient times that was helpful, since by being constantly on alert and worried about what would happen next it improved the chances of survival.

In today’s world, however, that approach is not so helpful – mainly because it creates a constant sense of angst about the future and a desire to micro-manage everything that happens in your life. A more “advanced” way of living is to recognize that your life, and everything that affects it, manifests from Life Force Energy. So if you focus on being tuned into the world of energy you can relax and spend your time being instead of doing.

We’ve discussed already how the Law of Attraction dictates that what goes on in your mind influences your energy, and your energy influences the unfolding of your life. If you can really embrace this concept and learn to trust the Life Force Energy to work for you, it takes a huge burden of stress out of your life and allows you to relax and go with the flow. Life is much more enjoyable that way!

Here are some things to remember to help you move into this state of mind:

  • As mentioned in earlier lessons, the current of Life Force Energy is love and positivity. It “wants” to give you a happy, love-filled, positive life.
  • When you fill your personal energy (your biofield) with love and positivity, it then resonates with the Life Force Energy and allows it to work in harmony with you.
  • If your biofield is filled with negative energy, then it won’t resonate with the Life Force Energy and no matter how much you try to make your life positive, it won’t work.
  • Therefore if instead of trying to micro-manage your life by worrying, planning, and “doing” you focus more on simply “being” with a positive state of energy, you will be astounded at how easy it is to manifest the positive outcomes you desire in your life.

Another way to put it is that Life Force Energy is basically the doer in your life, not you. Your life’s path is dictated by the interaction of your energy with the energy of the Universe. If you work with this rule of life instead of against it, then you can sit back and watch as your life effortlessly unfolds in a positive way.

Here are a few reminders of how to keep your energy in a positive state to allow this to happen:

  • Spend some quiet time each day on visualization and affirmations for positive outcomes you would like to see in your life. First thing in the morning and right before bed are great times for this.
  • Work on letting go of any recurring negative thoughts that generate negative
  • energy. Acknowledge that they are not helpful, and simply send the energy associated with these thoughts out of your being and into the Universe forever.
  • Practice equanimity – recognize that not everything in your life will always be positive, but that in the long run it will not affect your happiness. In fact, on the contrary, the Universe brings you challenges to make you stronger and more resilient, so ultimately they are good for you!
  • When your life gets harried, use the grounding exercise from lesson 2 to bring yourself into connection with Mother Earth. This greatly facilitates moving into a state of equanimity.
  • Work on quieting your mind, this is an excellent way to foster positive energy. A good mindfulness practice is to mentally step back and watch the thoughts that pop into your head, and then simply acknowledge them, let them go, and bring your mind back into a state of stillness. (This is basically what meditation is all about, but you don’t have to sit on a special cushion to do it.)
  • And overall just maintain a positive outlook, remembering that the Universe is primarily filled with positive energy and that you deserve and will manifest a positive life!

Lastly, as you practice these concepts be sure to pay attention to what happens. You will start to notice a difference within weeks, and within months you will be amazed at how positive events just start to appear in your life out of nowhere. And the great news is that the whole process is self-reinforcing – the more you do it the more positivity comes into your life and the easier it becomes to stay on the path. And of course the more you will want to continue with it!

Stay tuned for our next lesson, where you’ll learn how to focus on the energy in your biofield and bring it into a more balanced, positive state. Your energy can become blocked and lead to mental and physical problems, so understanding how to keep it flowing and vibrating at a higher frequency is very beneficial!

See you back here soon…

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