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Health & Harmony Jewelry
 Instructions & FAQs

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Instructions for Use

The Health & Harmony jewelry is ready to use when you receive it. Here are some details on the use of the bracelet and necklace:

  • Bracelet - The bracelet has a magnetic clasp that opens so you can fit it around your wrist. Simply pull on each side of the clasp to open it, place the bracelet around your wrist, and click the magnet back together. The magnet is strong to prevent it from accidentally coming open. If either side of the magnet comes out of of the clasp, simply put a few drops of super glue on it and press it back in firmly and it should remain there.
  • Necklace - To change the wood medallion in the pendant to another energy story, remove the chain and open the silver piece by pulling apart the two sides. If it doesn't open easily you may need to pry a bit with your fingernail or other sharp object. Then insert the new medallion, close the silver piece, and put the chain back through it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my jewelry?

  • You may clean the bracelet and the necklace with warm water and a mild, natural soap. Please do not use harsh chemical detergents on them. Please do not immerse the wood medallion of the necklace in water.

How long will the energy in my jewelry last?

  • Its energy will last indefinitely. It does not wear out or need to be "recharged".

Can I use my bracelet or necklace with other Life Harmony Energies products?

  • Yes! Feel free to use it with any of the other products, including our jewelry, harmonizers, or energy therapy discs or pearls. If you are using multiple energy stories (e.g. Health & Harmony, No Worries, My Way, etc.) we recommend starting with no more than 3 at a time, and if that feels good then add up to one more for a total of 4 at once.