Instructions and FAQs for Home Water Harmonizer

Home Water Harmonizer Instructions & FAQs

Instructions for Use

To install the Home Water Harmonizer simply use the included plastic straps to attach it to the main incoming water pipe into your home/apartment. There will always be a shut off valve for the water service, and this will be on the primary water pipe. This pipe will then feed into your water heater and all the other pipes that run through your home.

Please position the Harmonizer so that the silicon crystal balls are facing the pipe. In some cases you may be able to simply position the Harmonizer next to the pipe without needing to use the straps, which is fine. The silicon crystal balls just need to be touching the water pipe for it to function appropriately.

If you have a whole house water filtration system of some sort, then it is best to place the Harmonizer after that system, on the pipe coming out of it. Some of those systems, such as reverse osmosis, will damage the energy of the water and so it's best to position the Harmonizer after it.

The Harmonizer is weather proof, so it is fine to place it outside if your main water line feeds into the house/apartment from outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any maintenance necessary for the Home Water Harmonizer?

  • No, once installed there is no maintenance necessary. If it gets dirty you may clean it with warm water and soap. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners.

How long will the energy in the Home Water Harmonizer last?

  • Its energy will last indefinitely. It does not wear out or need to be "recharged".

What are the benefits of the Home Water Harmonizer?

  • It will harmonize and vitalize the energy in all of the water you use, including for drinking, cooking, bathing, cleaning, watering plants, etc. This will result in benefits such as:
    • Improves the taste, texture & microbiological quality of your water
    • Drinks and food taste better, are milder and more digestible
    • Washed fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer
    • Makes your cleaning products more efficient for laundry, dishwashing, etc.
    • Reduces lime & iron deposits in the pipes, resulting in longer life of water pipes & household appliances
    • Plants grow bigger and healthier with more blooms on flowers
    • All mineral components of the water are preserved

What else can I do to harmonize my food and drinks?

  • We highly recommend pairing the Home Water Harmonizer with our Harmonizing Plate, which you may use to harmonize any food or beverage. Shop the Harmonizing Plate.