E N E R G Y T A L K no. 3

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Goodbye Anxiety. Hello Serenity.

energy tips for less anxiety and more serenity

How to become a permanent resident in the Land of Good Energy.

In this crazy world of ours it’s hard not to feel a little angst tugging at the back of your mind, not to mention times of feeling outright anxiety. You read the headlines and it’s one crisis after another. You go out into the world and other people seem fearful and defensive. You peruse your social media and you see so many seemingly happy people, but why not you?

Well, we seem to be going through a period with a lot of negative energy floating around. And when you’re surrounded by negative energy it can easily influence your energy. Hence the feeling of being unsettled and anxious. But one important thing to remember is it’s normal, it’s not just you. When bad energy is in the air, everyone is affected.

Unless, that is, you know how to put it all in perspective and create a positive field of energy around you. One of the rules of the Universe is good energy trumps bad energy. Both in the short-run of your life, and in the long-run of the history of the world.

Why? Because positive energy has power behind it – the power of love, the power of divinity, the power of Life Force Energy. And negative energy has only force behind it – the force of fear, anger, and hate. So when negative energy comes up against positive energy, it’s always going to retreat. Power is mightier than force – always. (Thank you David Hawkins.)

So let’s talk about creating this field of positive energy around you, because once you do, you can say goodbye to anxiety and hello to serenity.

Step 1 – Put it all in perspective

First know that negative energy need not affect you. It's “out there”, and your emotions and mental state are “in here.” You have complete control over your own energy, and you can make it so positive – make it vibrate so high – that all the bad energy in the world swirling around you will bounce right off. And then turn around and run the other direction.

And as we say so often, tuning into Life Force Energy of the Universe is how you fill yourself with good energy. The current of Life Force Energy is love. Unconditional love. And it's always there to tap into.

Believe it or not, at the level of the Universe everything is beautiful, perfect, and miraculous. Just as it should be, unfolding always for the highest good. Yes there's negative energy in the world, but it's nothing but specs of dust in the grand scheme of the Universe.

So remember that. And remember to remember that. The more you keep the love of Life Force Energy in the back of your mind, the higher your energy vibrates and the more positive it becomes.

Step 2 – Tap into Life Force Energy

There are some tricks to helping you remember. And over time, to make it a permanent part of your being so Life Force Energy is always with you.

In last week’s email we talked about calming your “monkey mind.” That’s big. The more you can remove yourself from the random stream of thoughts flitting through your brain, the easier it is to connect with Life Force Energy. The monkey mind creates a cloud of negative energy that blocks out the love of the Universe. Settle it down, clear it out, and the love comes streaming in…

Another good practice is to take short “time outs” to visualize connecting with Life Force Energy. It can be a few minutes in the morning and a few at night before bed, and it can be a bunch of little 30 second periods throughout the day. Or ideally both.

All you do is close your eyes, take a deep breath, and picture love and light streaming into your heart from the heavens above. But what does love and light look like? Nothing. You don’t see it, you feel it. Remember it’s energy, so it’s invisible. But it flows and it vibrates. And you’re just sitting there with your mind open while it flows into your heart and resonates with your soul to get it vibrating higher and higher...

And now you’ve entered the Land of Good Energy. You know the Universe is a kind and loving place. You’re filled with unconditional love from Life Force Energy. And you’re exuding so much positive energy that negative energy can’t even touch you.

Goodbye anxiety, hello serenity.

Till next time,

Chief Energy Guru