Quantum Energy Jewelry Collection

Energy jewelry made to optimize your health, wellbeing, and success.

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Energy jewelry from Life Harmony Energies helps you optimize 4 areas of your life: 1) Support for your health, 2) Protection from EMFs, 3) Manifesting what you long for, and 4) Evolving your energy for personal growth. They compliment each other energetically and look great layered so you can wear them together or solo.


Pure Light Cuff

$139. EMF protection is vitally important to your health, wellbeing, and success - shouldn’t it be beautiful, too? Protect yourself from EMFs with this essential cuff.

Pure Light Pendant

$139. Protect yourself from EMF radiation pervasive in our world today. This sleek pendant will do all the heavy lifting - in the most elegant way. Layer or wear solo.

Powered by quantum technology.

With our proven bioresonance technology built into everything we make, you get the right energetic support for the health, wellbeing, and success you long for. We've been doing this successfully in Europe for over two decades. Now it's available to you.

Why wear energy jewelry?

Everything manifests from energy - including you! When you take care of yourself energetically you can:

  • Support your health at the deepest levels with our Health & Harmony Bracelet.
  • Manifest the kind of success you long for with the supercharged Citrine Success Bracelet.
  • Protect yourself from EMF radiation with the stunning Pure Light Cuff and Pure Light Pendant.
  • Evolve your energy for personal growth with monthly charms & the Everlasting Charm Bracelet.
  • Rise above negativity with the Everlasting Charm Necklace.

Health & Harmony Bracelet

$129. Outstanding materials, a gorgeous design, and 3 amazing colorways that look stunning around your wrist. We're thrilled to take this bracelet up a notch - it's just that good - so you can take your health and wellbeing up a notch, too.

Designed with a higher purpose.

Our intention for this collection was to create simply beautiful jewelry that takes your energetic vibration higher and enhances your whole life while being a go-with-everything accessory you absolutley love to wear every day.


Success Bracelet

$149. Manifest inner and outer success with our energized gemstone bracelet. Sunny citrine graces your wrist while lifting you up energetically, helping you accomplish your goals and fulfill your dreams. Includes 3-day ritual instructions & tips to enhance the effects.

Proven to work.

Positive outcomes from the use of our products have been demonstrated in a host of studies and tests using various health measurement techniques and by independent third-party research institutes.

Real results.

"Not only is this jewelry beautiful, wearing it daily has also made a drastic difference in my overall well-being. It has helped me to feel more grounded, provided emotional balance, awareness, and positive energies. I also feel a sense of strength, stability, and joyfulness in my life along with a large decrease in my anxiety levels. I am able to "go with the flow" and not sweat the small stuff or get overwhelmed as I would prior. Highly recommend this to anyone, it is simply amazing!"



Everlasting Charm Bracelet

Starts at $399. This extremely special bracelet gives you the power to evolve your energy into higher states so you can gradually become more creative, more connected, and more confident about who you really are. Receive a new charm each month for 8 months to build up the benefits.

Everlasting Charm Necklace

$499. Positively charming. This brilliant necklace helps you move beyond negative energy - charm by charm - into higher states for a more positive and purposeful life.

From our customers


I have been doing very well since wearing this. I just feel better than before - more productive, more focused, more aware. It's weird. I can't explain it. I've worn it for about 2 weeks now. I wonder what would happen if I wore bracelets on both arms and the necklace? Would I be like Wonder Woman? We shall see.


My sensitivity to EMF had gotten to the point where I could no longer hold my phone or iPad without painful tingling in my wrist and arms. I've had the bracelet for only a day, but I've felt a huge difference, and am able to use my tech for 15-20 minutes at a time without any discomfort. I'm so grateful these products exist!


I love all LHE products. I find that I’m able to dwell more consistently in the eye of the storm; a quiet, centered space of stillness where the voice of my own inner knowing is much more clearly perceptible— no matter what is going on around me.


I have 2 bracelets, one for me and one for my husband. I have slept peacefully every night since. I’m not taking it off. My husband wore it one night and refused to wear so I gave to my sister. She had the same reaction. I used to wake up 4-5 times a night and not be able to go back to sleep and that doesn’t happen now.


I noticed that I was calmer and less anxious when I started wearing the EMF protection bracelet!