Are You on a Spiritual Journey? – part 2

by Marty Grosjean

Are you on a spiritual path - part 2

In part 1 of this series we reminded you that you are indeed on a spiritual journey – also known as an energetic journey. And the goal of this journey is to raise your energy as you move through your life. As you do that you become lighter and brighter and happier. Good energy vibrating at a high level brings all kinds of joyful things to you.

So the question is how to raise your energy? We gave you a couple of ideas in the first part of the talk, and here are some other ideas to think about…

Remember Who You Aren’t

You are not your body.

We talked earlier about the importance of remembering who you are. Which is your energy, and not your body or your mind. You are an energetic being and you just happen to be connected to a body, and your body has a mind, but they are not the real you.

You are not your past.

Something else you aren’t is your past. The events that have happened to you so far on your journey – especially the unpleasant ones – do not define you. Identifying with your past by spending energy ruminating on things that you wish hadn’t happened or had gone differently does not raise your energy.

Which isn’t to say that you should try and suppress what has happened to you and/or ignore it. All things that were brought into your life by the Universe happened for a reason. The goal is to recognize that very important point, look for the lessons in your experience, and then release the energy associated with it. This could bring some short-term emotional trauma, but it’s the only way to get beyond it. The sooner you do it, the sooner you will make room for the positive energy to come in and replace the negative.

You are not your future.

Likewise you are not your future. You are not an imagined reality of how things could/should/will be. Your life is not yet to come as defined by the glamorous images in social media, advertisements, etc. – that once they become your life then you’ll finally be happy.

No, your life is in the here and the now. It's who you are today, for the present is the only time you live in. Plan for the future and act responsibly, yes. But don’t dwell on the future, filling your mind with images of how it will be so that you’re not here to live in the present.

For a very important part of raising your energy is keeping your mind calm and clear and in the moment. The more it’s absorbed in the past or the future, the less your energy is able to connect to the Divine. Connecting to Life Force Energy is how you increase your energetic vibration, and a busy mind that’s somewhere else will definitely block the connection.

Surrender Yourself

And speaking of keeping your mind calm and clear, the easiest way to do that is to recognize the importance of Life Force Energy – how it manifests everything in your life – and to surrender to it. Surrender to It.

Yes, the love-filled Life Force Energy that lies behind, above, around, and within everything in the Universe is what actually makes you who you are. And it is the only thing that can raise your energy. So if you learn to work with it – in other word just let it do the work – then up goes your energy and happily goes your life.

And what a joyful feeling it is when you truly surrender. It is the ultimate de-stressing relaxation technique. It allows you to relinquish all the angst about your life because you know that it’s the best hands possible. Meaning not yours. For Life Force Energy is infinitely wise and infinitely compassionate, and all it wants to do is raise your energy to bring you closer to the Divine.

Really! Life Force Energy is all about love. Connecting with it fills your life with love. And as human beings what we really want is unconditional love. And it’s there for the taking.

So you can forget about what happened in your past, and you can forget about manifesting some imaginary future. You’re not driving the bus. The Universe is driving, and it wants nothing but the best for you. And it doesn’t make mistakes. What has happened to you and what will happen to you is all in the highest good. Sometimes it may not appear that way, but someday you’ll realize it’s true.

If you want to increase your energy and progress on your spiritual journey, then surrender. Let it all go and just enjoy the good things in your life. For there are so many good things in your life – and in the world and in the Universe. It is all beautiful, miraculous, and perfect, despite the appearance otherwise that the chemicals in your brain might conjure up.

Choose Your Perspective

And so we’ll leave you with one last thought about appearances. We talked in the first part of this article about how your energy influences your perception of the world. It is why two people can look at the same thing and see something totally different.

Your energy is the determining factor.

When your energy is high, you see much more beauty and love in the world and in your life. And of course when it’s low, you see more ugliness and negativity. You get to choose your perspective. For the fact is that the positive outweighs the negative by a bajillion to one. The Universe is indeed a beautiful, miraculous, and perfect place. So raise your energy and behold the beauty and love!

Until next time,

Chief Energy Guru

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