Are you too busy? Here are the signs.

by Angela Swanson

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In our last post, What happens if you just... stop? we talked about the how burnout can be a blessing and how to get into energetic flow with the Universe to bring about all those good things you want in your life.

Since writing that post, I've continued to see similar messages pop up in my daily life and all across my online channels. (That's the power of attention at work, by the way, which is another topic for another time.) One such message was from Dr. Nicole LePera, who I follow on Instagram. Check her out here: @the.holistic.psychologist

I believe this message is worth repeating: slowing down, being still, and practicing just being in the present moment with nowhere to go and nothing to accomplish is POWERFUL. 

Yes... you can just be.

For some, this idea is not only not appealing, it's anxiety producing. Being still means we're purposefully NOT distracting ourselves with busyness and the cacophony of other people's voices. Being still means we're giving our mind, body and soul a chance to let us know how they're doing and what they need. Sadly, this is not easy for most of us! But it's so important because how else can we take good care of ourselves and make decisions that are nourishing for our mind, body, and spirit?

Of course, there needs to be a balance between doing and being

Are you too busy?

You probably already have a hunch about whether you're doing too much and not balancing it with just being. But just in case you're not sure, here are some clues:

You feel a sense of accomplishment when your calendar is jam-packed.
You'd rather throw yourself into work than deal with difficult things.
You have a tendency to overthink.
You feel like you're missing out or don't have enough.
You have a hard time saying no.
When someone asks you how you've been you reply, "Busy."
You feel like you never have enough time.
You feel guilty for taking time for yourself.
You feel exhausted, depleted, fatigued, burned-out.
You feel disconnected from your purpose.
You feel obligated to make other people comfortable and happy.
You multitask so you can get more done.
You can't remember the last time you felt joyful, rested and energized.
Your inner life doesn't get the same consideration as your outer life.
You feel you lack intuition and creative insights.


If these statements resonate with you, not to worry. Awareness is a powerful step in the right direction. You can start right now to bring more "being-ness" into your day.

Be kind to yourself. 

No matter what - always be kind to yourself. Know that you have the power to make different choices that are more balanced and loving. Why be so hard on yourself? Being hard on yourself is just a bad habit and one you can train yourself to stop doing.

5 things you can stop doing right away:

  1. Putting other people's needs ahead of your own
  2. Being hard on yourself and expecting perfection
  3. Overworking and not taking breaks
  4. Multi-tasking
  5. Complaining

How to switch into being mode - in 1 minute.

There are lots of ways to just be. However, it takes practice and might not be obvious to you right away. If you're stumped, here's one simple and fast practice to help you get started:

    1-Minute Mindful Breath

    • Shift your attention from whatever you're doing to your body where it is. Close your eyes if you wish.
    • Pay full attention to your breath, noticing the inhales and exhales through the nose. Breath naturally.
    • Relax more with each breath. Let go of any distractions that arise.
    • Continue for 5-6 cycles of breath. Let your attention drift back to your body and surroundings.
    • Return to activity feeling refreshed, focused, and clear.

    You can do this practice anytime you wish. I invite you to try it and also find other ways you enjoy "just being" throughout your day. Notice how your energy shifts!

    Till next time,

    Chief Energy Fairy

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