Levels of Energy - Levels 6, 7, 8, & 9

by Marty Grosjean

Levels of Energy 6, 7, 8, and 9

In our last few Energy Talks we discussed the concept of levels of energy. We also introduced our new Everlasting Charm Bracelet based on these levels, designed to help you open your mind, heart, and soul to the possibility of reaching higher, more powerful levels where you gradually become more creative, more connected, and more confident about who you really are. We then looked at the first six levels of energy in detail – and now we’ll look at the last three.

The goal is to provide you the knowledge – and the energy – to help you work your way up the levels to an ever more positive life. 

As a reminder, for our Everlasting Charm Bracelet we defined nine levels of positive energy based upon the work of Dr. David Hawkins. The goal is to provide you the knowledge – and the energy – to help you work your way up the levels to an ever more positive life. Whether you have the Everlasting Charm Bracelet or not, an understanding of the levels and their characteristics should be helpful to you in your energetic / spiritual journey.

In levels 6 through 9, life has transcended into a purely spiritual context.

These are the highest levels of energy attainable by humans, and very few people reach them – primarily because they’re usually achieved after a very long, dedicated, and time-consuming spiritual journey. At these levels you will recognize some of the positive aspects of the lower levels, only here they’re actualized into an ongoing state of mind/existence. 

Although most of us will not raise our energy enough to dwell permanently at these levels, it’s still very helpful to have an understanding of them at whatever stage of your journey you may be. Setting intentions to manifest the characteristics of these levels in your life will undoubtedly move you in that direction, and you may even get glimpses of them now and then. And if the spiritual sages are correct, you will eventually grow through all of these levels – it’s just a question of how many lifetimes it will take…

Level 6 – Love Is the Way

At this level your entire life is immersed in love. Your heart is driving and your mind is forever in the back seat. The affirmation for this level:

Life is love and I am grateful for the experience of being and sharing it. I live from the heart and follow its innate wisdom.

Here are some terms that characterize life in the Love Is the Way level:




Lovingness as a way of life

Unconditional & unchanging

Forgiving, nurturing, supportive

Discernment of essence

Expansion of context

Spontaneous understanding

Focus on the goodness of life

Value of context

Innate gratification

No wanting from others

Concern for the welfare of others

Contagious energy of love

Shift from mind to heart-centered

“Do unto others as you have done to you”

“Like goes to like”

Just contemplate the feeling you have when you are with someone whom you love unconditionally. And now expand that feeling out to your entire life. And to the entire Universe. That’s life at this level. You not only feel love, you are love. You are lacking nothing, and you are in constant touch with Life Force Energy – so as you live and give love, the Universe keeps bringing more of it to you.

Level 7 – Living Joy

This is the level where saints and healers live. Your energy is so high that it touches all who come into contact with you. The affirmation for this level:

My life is serene and I live in unity with all that is. The Universe provides everything that is needed with its beauty, perfection, and miraculousness.

Here are some terms that characterize life in the Living Joy level:








Unconditional love of all

Capacity for healing

All is beautiful & divine

Complete surrender & humility

Individual will disappears into divine will

Desire to love & support all of humanity

Miraculous & transformational

Level of saintliness

Recognize innate beauty & perfection

Complete devotion to spirituality


Here your life is completely spiritual, and you have surrendered everything to the Divine. You are in constant communion with Life Force Energy, so it automatically brings you everything you need. Your energy vibrates at such a high level that you have the capacity to heal others, and events that seem miraculous will occur in your life without any effort on your part.

Level 8 – Pure Serenity

Those at this level are generally called enlightened, spiritual master, jnani or guru. You have completely transcended the concept of separateness and experience all of creation as one beautiful wholeness. The affirmation for this level:

I exist in a state of non-duality, one with all, in connection with the Divine. There is no me and other, in and out, here and there – life is of the Spirit.

Here are some terms that characterize life in the Pure Serenity level:






God consciousness


Beyond religion, pure spirituality

Infinite stillness without conceptualizing

Knowing & knower are one

Sat, Chit, Ananda

Self-fulfilling & complete

Unity & allness


Once reaching this level, many will completely withdraw from life and dwell only in a state of contemplation. And some even decide to leave this world. It's the level of being “one with the Universe,” as the saying goes. You are Sat, Chit, Ananda – Being, Consciousness, Bliss. You don’t feel these, you are these.

Level 9 – I Am

This is the level reached only by the great spiritual avatars of history such as Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna. Your mere existence at this level changes the world due to your incredibly high level of energy. The affirmation for this level:

Considered a master or sage, I am neither – I simply am. Beyond the body, beyond individuality, the ego is dead and all is love – always and everywhere.

Here are some terms that characterize life in the I Am level:

Level of great teachers & sages

No experience of separate self

Self-identical with consciousness/divinity

Infinite peace – ineffable beyond words

Transcends all time & individuality

Physical body is not me

Non-duality & complete oneness

Physical body is a communication tool

Non-linear awareness of consciousness

God as immanent, beyond transcendence

Uninterrupted flow of Kundalini energy

No mental or emotional residuals

Final death of the ego

All has been surrendered to God

Love is Source

Love realized as the core of one’s Self

Everything is love

Pure silence, pure presence

This is the final level of complete union with the Divine. The physical body, the mind, and the ego are all transcended once and for all. All sense of time and individual and material have melted into a state of complete unity with the Universe. You are beyond even communion with Life Force Energy, because you are Life Force Energy. Pure, undiluted, serene, love-filled energy.

Contemplating these levels, setting intentions, and wearing the Everlasting Charm Bracelet can create a positive feedback loop and help you make progress along your path.

Now don’t worry if these last few levels seem beyond the realm of possibility – because frankly they are for almost everyone. What you can do is contemplate the affirmations and terms related to these levels. Ponder what they mean, what they may be like, how joyful life would be. Then set some intentions to move your life that direction. Just setting them as ultimate goals on your journey will start the energetic pull towards them. And if you contemplate and meditate on them enough, you will likely get glimpses of them as you travel on your path. Which will in and of itself increase your energy in a beautiful positive feedback loop.

And that concludes our discussion of the levels of energy, which we hope you found interesting and inspirational. And if you are on a spiritual / energetic journey in your life, please do check out our Everlasting Charm Bracelet which is based on giving you a hand in moving up the levels. It's the way to bring beauty, joy, and magic into your life…

Till next time,

Chief Energy Guru

*Special acknowledgement and appreciation to Dr. David R. Hawkins, pioneer of energy and consciousness research, who developed the levels of consciousness approach to spiritual evolution.

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