Levels of Energy - Levels 1 & 2

by Marty Grosjean

Levels of Energy Pt. 2

In our last Energy Talk we introduced the concept of levels of energy. Because everything – from people to places to things to historical time periods – is made up of energy. Any being in the present or past, any material object, any area like a city or a country, even our world as a whole, can have its energy level quantified. And that, of course, includes you and your energy level.

We also introduced our new Everlasting Charm Bracelet. Based on levels of energy, it's designed to help you open your mind, heart, and soul to the possibility of reaching higher, more powerful levels where you gradually become more creative, more connected, and more confident about who you really are. Now we’ll take a closer look at each of the levels upon which the Everlasting Charm Bracelet is based. We’ll start at the bottom and work our way up over the next couple of Energy Talks.

Before we get to the good ones, let’s take a quick look at the not so good level – that which is considered negative energy. On the scale developed by Dr. David Hawkins*, the pioneer in levels of consciousness/energy research, this would be below level 200. Sadly, this is the energy level of most people in the world today. Our goal as humans of course, is to live above this level – and the higher above it the better.

Negative energy = negative life.

When one’s energy is in the negative realm, life is – not surprisingly – characterized by a negative view of the world. Emotions such as guilt, fear, anger, apathy, grief, desire, and pride dominate the mind. There are often feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, envy, victimhood, and blame. There is no peace, no joy, no hope. Life is not enjoyable.

Of course many of us experience some of the characteristics of negative energy at times in our lives. This is natural, and until your energy gets to a pretty high level it is to be expected. The aim for you is to not get stuck down there. The way out is to recognize when your energy is in the negative realm and notice the impact it has on you (and those around you) and then raise your energy higher. And the good news is if you’re reading this you’re undoubtedly not stuck in the negative energy level, because you are paying attention and you're interested in raising your energy and vibrating as positively as possible.

The goal is to raise your energy higher.

So let’s talk about that! For our Everlasting Charm Bracelet we’ve defined nine levels of positive energy. They're based upon Dr. Hawkin’s work, and the goal is to provide you the knowledge – and the energy – to help you work your way up the levels to an ever more positive life. Whether you have the Everlasting Charm Bracelet or not, an understanding of levels and their characteristics should be helpful to you in your personal growth journey.

Level 1 – Courage to Grow

As you enter into the world of positive energy you gain courage to change your life for the better. Your worldview reflects a feeling of self-empowerment. To you life is exciting and the future is bright. Here is the affirmation we developed for this level:

I view life as stimulating and challenging, and my goal is to make the most of it. I am committed to using my talents to overcome obstacles and achieve good things in my life.

Here are terms that characterize life in the Courage to Grow level:












Alignment with Truth

Life is exciting, challenging, stimulating

Willingness to try new things

Take advantage of opportunity

Capacity to face fears & defects

Accepting responsibility, taking action

“To thine own self be true”


So when you’ve reached this level you have everything you need to succeed in life. It doesn’t mean life is a bed of roses all the time, but when you face obstacles you have the courage to overcome and move beyond them. If these terms resonate with you, then congratulations – you’re living in the world of positive energy!

Level 2 – Trusting the Path

At this energy level you feel positive most of the time and are confident about the future and the goodwill of the Universe. You're generally satisfied with your life and take time to reflect upon higher meanings. Here is the affirmation for this level:

I enjoy life and have no strong fears or desires that distract me. I believe the Universe is benevolent and feel confident that it is working with me.

Here are terms that characterize life in the Trusting the Path level:

Neutrality / non-attachment









Confidence & courage




Beginning of a non-dual outlook

Works on attraction, not force

Free from pride & positionalities

Easy going, easy to be with

“Wearing the world like a loose garment”


When your energy is vibrating at this level people enjoy being with you because they feel uplifted. You're considered “laid back” and “chill.” You don’t hold strong opinions about trivial issues and you don’t judge others. You accept people and life as they are. You’re happy with your life as it is and view the world as a positive place that will support your continued evolution on your path.

Ah, now that sounds good, doesn’t it? So put raising your energy level into your intentions and consider including the above affirmations into your daily practice. When you put the right energy into manifesting your intentions, they will.

...And wait until you hear about levels 3, 4, and 5 next week! You'll get lots more fuel for contemplation and inspiration. Stay tuned…

Till next time,

Chief Energy Guru

*Special acknowledgement and appreciation to Dr. David R. Hawkins, pioneer of energy and consciousness research, who developed the levels of consciousness approach to spiritual evolution.