Purifying Your Jewelry: Guide to Removing Negative Energy

by Angela Swanson
Purifying Your Jewelry

Have you ever wondered about how to clean jewelry of negative energy? Jewelry can be a powerful influencer, not just on your style but on your energy as well.

This comprehensive guide is designed to help you cleanse your jewelry of negative energy, for the purpose of restoring its optimal energetic vibration and attracting positive vibes to you.

The Differences in Energy Jewelry

When you hear the term “energy jewelry,” you may think of budget jewelry adorned with crystals or gemstones that many believe contain a certain type of energy unique to those particular embellishments.

However, the purported effect and the strength of the energy inherent to that crystal or gem is steeped in folklore and tradition. That's not to suggest these materials don't actually contain some level of the energy they're believed to have within, but what type and how much and the exact efficacy of these pieces is always up for debate.

Since there are no reliable, trusted answers for this information, you can typically receive four different answers from four different sources when researching exactly what different types of energy a crystal or gemstone offers and how you stand to benefit.

Above all, these stones does not act as the direct source of any powerful, measurable energy.

There are no accurate metrics to gauge their energies and, in just about every instance, the effects of this type of jewelry are gleaned from the intentions of the individual wearing the jewelry. In the end, this type of energy jewelry plays only a supporting role in giving the wearer any true benefit.

Life Harmony Energies' jewelry works in the opposite way. Our jewelry has been infused with a specific, targeted energy backed by a range of studies that show a tangible, measurable effect on the individual wearing it.

While the power of intention on the part of the wearer can amplify and improve the effect of that energy, it is not solely dependent upon that to gain the benefits. The power of the energy in our products is not derived from the materials with which they are made but the bioresonance energy that we have created and infused into them.

Bioresonance Energy

Every piece of jewelry we offer contains a proprietary form of bioresonance energy that offers a wealth of healing capabilities akin to those associated with Reiki healing and acupuncture. Life Harmony Energies has developed this technology over the past two decades and bioresonance has grown in popularity as an effective method of holistic healing across Europe.

Now we have brought this powerful and effective energy to the world in a variety of products that provide tangible benefits on your health and harmony.

Understanding the Influence of Energy on Jewelry

Jewelry can soak up negative energy from your everyday surroundings. These unwanted energies and negative vibrations can be found all around you. Jewelry can even absorb energy from the person wearing them.

Wearing jewelry with negative energies can affect your body, your vibrations, your aura, and your life, disrupting inner peace and balance. When this occurs, it's important that you perform an energy cleanse to restore your jewelry and keep it at its optimal harmonized energetic state with positive, light energies.

Importance of Regular Jewelry Cleansing

Wearing your jewelry on a regular basis can expose it to all kinds of various energies, both negative and positive. Regular cleansing of your jewelry can protect your aura and being from the impacts of negative energies.

Cleaning Your Energy Jewelry

Since bioresonance energy is not derived from folklore or tradition, there are no ritualistic steps, spells, or procedures for cleansing our products of the negative energies that they come into contact with.

Life Harmony Energies jewelry can be cleansed and harmonized using an effective, no-nonsense product such as our Energy Clearing Spray. In addition to cleansing the energy of your jewelry, it can be sprayed around your home, office, or any other surrounding environment that may contain negative energy. It may even be sprayed on yourself to help cleanse your aura of negative energetic influences.

Spray it directly onto the surface of your energy jewelry to remove the negative influences that can dim the effects of the bioresonance energy contained within. This will protect you and the aura around you by ensuring the energy is harmonized.

Another option for cleansing the energy of your jewelry is our Harmonizer Plate, which will restore its harmony and vitality. Simply place your jewelry upon the plate surface that is made of energized carbon and within minutes, the negative energies that have been absorbed by the jewelry are eliminated. You can also harmonize the energy of other objects in your life, and of course the food you eat, which is very important since you are ingesting its energy!

The Transformative Impact of Clean Jewelry

Cleansed jewelry can create a significant impact on your physical and emotional well-being. By removing negative energy, your jewelry can provide you with a sense of inner peace, and healing.

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Our Commitment: Life Harmony Energies and You

At Life Harmony Energies, we're committed to supporting your journey towards a life filled with positive vibes and inner peace. From the moment you choose one of our energized gemstones, or any of our energy bracelets, to providing guidance on how to cleanse your jewelry of negative energies, we are with you every step of the way.

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