Energy Clearing Spray

Energy Clearing Spray

Energy Clearing Spray

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Restore balance and harmony all around you. This spray removes negative energy that might be present on you, in your home or on your personal belongings. It’s good to use around your house, or when you come home from being out and about. (And especially in hotel rooms when traveling!)

Product Details

  • 1 fl oz./30 ml
  • Subtle scent of organic Lime essential oil
  • Use throughout the day as needed
  • Great for traveling

Energy Clearing Spray neutralizes negative energy that has come into contact with you, your environment, or your personal belongings. Whether these subtle energy influences have come from historical events, geopathic influences, EMF radiation, exposure to energy from others, or any other source, when you feel energy blockages arise, this harmonizing spray will clear the energetic atmosphere.

When applied to yourself it strengthens the energy in your biofield and supports free energy flow through your meridian system, restoring a sense of balance and harmony. When sprayed in a room it helps clear the environment and restore a sense of lightness and serenity. When sprayed on an object like jewelry, clothing, or other personal belongings, it neutralizes any negative energy that may have accumulated on it.

+ Guru tips for Harmonizing Sprays

+ To apply to yourself, spray once each on the back of your neck, your forehead, and your solar plexus (about midway between your heart and belly button). Apply to objects so that the mist gently falls on all parts of it.
+ Use daily for maximum effect.

Pure spring water infused with bio-resonance energy, organic Lime essential oil, alcohol < 1%

Q. Is the spray scented?
A. Yes, Energy Clearing Spray is very lightly scented with organic Lime essential oil. The scent is uplifting and subtle.

Q. When should I use it?
A. Anytime you want to clear out negative energy in your surroundings and lighten the atmosphere.
1. Spray all the rooms in your home as part of your cleaning regimen.
2. When you bring home new purchases like jewelry, books, and clothes. Give your new items a spray.
3. After coming home from being out and about.
4. Whenever you feel energetically blocked or you feel energetic density within or around you.

Q. How often can I use it?
A. You may use the spray as often as you feel the need. Trust your intuition and the feeling of your energy state to guide you. There is no possibility of "too much."

Q. How long with the effects last?
A. This depends somewhat on your overall energy state and the energy of the environment in which you find yourself. But in general you can follow these guidelines: When using on yourself it will clear the negative energy present on/in you at that time, but of course if you come into contact with more then you will need to use it again. For your possessions it is good to use it on new things that will be close to you like jewelry, clothing, linen, etc. to remove bad energy they may have accumulated before you got them.

Q. Can I use the spray with other Life Harmony Energies products?
A. Yes! Feel free to use it with any of the other products, including our jewelry, harmonizers, or energy therapy discs or pearls. The more good energy supporting you the better!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cheryl Liebaert

I can feel the difference. Especially when in crowds.


Uplifting Energy!
I have been using this spray daily on myself and in my home to clear negative energies. It has a subtle lime scent and smells wonderful, not too overpowering at all. I definitely feel more positive and harmonized as I go about my day. I also notice a sense of serenity and balance when I spray it in the room. It is a must have for sure, love it!


Clearing and Centered
This energy spray makes me feel like I'm spring cleaning! If I'm feeling down or I'm in a funk, I love breaking this spray out to help me let it go. I also like to use it on a more consistent basis, first thing in the morning! I feel like it's a fresh start to the day and I can let the past go. It has such a pleasant, light smell that doesn't linger or stick to your clothes. I'm such a huge fan!

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