Why are you here?

by Martin Grosjean
Blog Why are you here?

Why are you here? Here on this planet. Here in this life. Here at this time? Or another way to put it – What is the meaning of life?

Heavy questions indeed. But very important ones that you should ask yourself from time to time. Or more specifically, that you should answer to yourself from time to time so that you remember. 

Remembering why you are here will help you remember how to live your life. 

And life is indeed fleeting, so it’s good to live it well.

Here we’re not going to give you the BIG answer. The big, ultimate answer is most definitely hidden from us while we’re still here in this life. Probably – hopefully – we’ll find out when we get to the other side. For now we’ll have to look for the small answers. The answers we can glean from the sages and from those who’ve had special experiences that can shed some light on them.

And who are those who’ve had so-called special experiences? Those who’ve had a near death experience and been to the other side and back. As you may know, most of these people report quite similar experiences and receive very consistent messages while they’re on the other side. There are also those who have received messages from the spiritual world while here in this world. There are more than you think, and when you look deeply at how these messages are received, you recognize they are real.

​​Now, since these writings are all about energy, we’ll of course start there. You are energy. Nothing but energy they say. And that of course is consistent with everything we do and talk about here at Life Harmony Energies. Everyone and everything are simply a manifestation of energy. Not physical electric-type energy, but subtle, quantum, divine, call-it-what-you-will energy. We call it Life Force Energy.

The part of Life Force Energy of which you are made is different from your physical body and your mind. While alive your energy is somehow tied to them, but it is definitely something different and apart from them. When you die your body and your mind disappear, but your energy – the real you – lives on.

The good news is since your energy lives on there is really no reason to fear death. The concept that at the end of your life it’s lights out and all over is… well, bunk. Your life here is but one stage on a loooong journey that stretches over many lifetimes – some even say countless lifetimes that have had no beginning and will have no end. And these lifetimes may or may not be on earth, for there are other realms or planes in which you may live as well.

Which brings us back to our original question of why? Why are you on this journey? Why is your energy moving from one life to the next? And what are the implications for how you should live your life? We’ll go back to our sages and those who have had the special experiences and look at the answers that seem to consistently arise.

Let’s first look at some reasons that are definitely NOT why you are here:

  •   To get as much money and stuff as you can.
  •   To get as many social media followers as possible.
  •   To decorate yourself and your surroundings exquisitely.
  •   To look as young as possible.
  •   To live as long as you possibly can.

Yep, that’s all the stuff that our popular culture is enamored with. And it’s all wrong.

Now the good stuff.

Here’s why you really seem to be here:

To raise your energy level.

All energy – including Life Force Energy – has a level of vibration. The higher your energy vibrates the closer to the divine you are, and the happier and better your life is.

To learn and grow.

Not book learning and physical growing, but spiritual learning and growing. This is one way you raise your energy level. As you become wiser your energy vibrates at a higher level. All the trials and tribulations – and joy – that you experience in your life are presented to help you learn and grow. So pay attention, and learn the lessons.

To connect with others.

This is all about relationships. Most especially with people, but also with animals and the other beings on this planet. Here of course love is the key. Love is the easiest way to raise your energy level, for love vibrates higher than any other kind of energy. Thus filling yourself with love and sending it out into the world is a guaranteed path to higher energy.

And, believe it or not, that’s about it.

You’re here to learn and grow and love so that you can raise your energy level and move ever closer to the divine.

And then once you’re vibrating at the same level as the divine, you merge with it and become one with it – and the journey is over.

Wow. But why? Sorry, that’s the BIG answer that you don’t get to know while you’re here on this planet.

But the implications for you, and for how you should live your life, are clear from these answers. And in our next installment next installment we’ll look closer at those. Read Part 2 here.

Till next time,

Chief Energy Guru