Why are you here? Pt. 2

by Martin Grosjean

Why are you here? Part 2

Why are you here? Here on this planet. Here in this life. Here at this time? Or another way to put it – What is the meaning of life?

These are the ponderous questions we asked in the first installment of this article and after considering the words of the sages and those who have had special experiences that put them in the know, here are the answers we came up with:

  • To raise your energy level.
  • To learn and grow.
  • To connect with others.

Those, according to the words of the wise, are the reasons you're living this life here on this planet. So if that’s the case, the next question is - What does that mean for how you should live your life?  What should you do to accomplish those goals? The answer is of course different for every person, and you'll create your own path to follow, but here are some ideas to get you thinking:

Raise your energy level.

Raising your personal energy level is really more of an end than a means. As you learn and grow and connect with others your energy will vibrate at a higher frequency, and this brings huge benefits to your life. Here are a few of them:

Greater Equanimity – The higher your state of energy, the less you're influenced by lower states of energy. So when you run across a person or a place or a situation that oozes negative energy, it won’t ruffle your feathers because you will be above it. You can stand apart from it and see it for what it is and not let it affect you. When bad energy hits your high energy field it will just bounce off and go the other direction. You are safe and protected.

Joie de Vivre – As your energy level rises, so does the state of joy in which you live. When your energy is vibrating at a high frequency you feel happy and alive and grateful. You live in the moment and appreciate the beauty in everything around you. In fact if you think back on all the joyful moments in your life so far, you can be sure your energy level was soaring during them all.

Attraction – When your energy level is high, good things happen to you. Good energy attracts good energy. It attracts fortuitous events and wonderful people you want to be with. It makes you attractive, and others will be drawn to you. Life comes easy and your intentions will tend to manifest on their own. It’s pretty magical, but it’s for real.

Okay then, sign me up for those things in my life! Now let’s look at some ways to raise your energy level.

Learn and grow.

Learning is about recognizing the lessons in the events of your life. Many of these events may have appeared to be negative in some way – ranging from unpleasant to downright catastrophic. Everyone experiences such events in their life, and that’s because it’s part of the plan.

That’s right, the Universe brings you these events on purpose – so you can learn. In fact it's said that you actually chose your challenges before you even came into this life, because you knew what you needed in order to grow and you wanted to be faced with these challenges so you would have the opportunity to overcome them.

And that’s how you grow. You look at your challenges and you find the lessons and you try and change yourself so they don’t happen again. You surely know someone who tends to repeat their mistakes over and over again – failed relationships, miserable jobs, financial failure. Those are the people who aren't learning their lessons.

Of course challenging events aren't the only way to grow. You can also grow from positive events. When you’re feeling joyful, look at what’s happening in your life, who you are with, what you've done to get there. Then do more of the same with the same people. That’s growing too!

And one more way to grow is to be creative. You know your talents and your strengths, so use them to bring something new and beautiful into the world. Beauty itself carries high energy, in whatever manifestation. So create some art, make your home into a beautiful sanctuary, start a new hobby or community or business. Use your genius to create beauty that you appreciate – and you will grow.

Connect with others.

And last but definitely not least is connection. Connecting with others through positive relationships is an excellent way to raise your energy level. In fact not only excellent, it’s mandatory. One of the main reasons you're here is to help others. To help them by sharing your positive energy with them. To help them by showing them unconditional love.

Unconditional love is after all what everyone really wants. Many people seek it through the wrong means – money, fame, sex, power, etc. But they’re all really looking for unconditional love. And it’s not hard to give unconditional love. Simply recognize the beauty and the Divine in all people – they all have plenty of both – and recognize  they're simply Life Force Energy just like you. And don’t save your love for the special people who you really resonate with, show it to everyone with whom you come into contact. That’s important.

Connecting with others is not so much about quantity as it is quality. It’s better to go deeper with a few than shallow with a bunch. Find that true unconditional love and be a giver. Receiving is nice, but giving is divine. And ultimately giving brings more joy than receiving. And giving leads to receiving. A healthy relationship is in balance – two people giving and receiving in equal measure and finding joy in the exchange.

And of course a huge reason to connect with others is to have someone to share with. A life full of wonderful things and wonderful events is even more joyful when you can share it with someone else. Two people resonating positive energy create even more positive energy. The sum is greater than the parts. So find your connections and go deep. It’s about energy, nothing else. You’ll know it when you feel it, and it will feel good.

And all this, my friend, is the meaning of your life. All this is why you are here. Now take it and run with it. Raise your energy and watch your life become dreamy and magical and beautiful!

Till next time,

Marty Grosjean
Cheif Energy Guru