Manifesting tip: Clean up negative energy lurking in your biofield.

by Angela Swanson

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Dr. Joe Dispenza said it right. And we'd also add, "When your energy matches your intentions you can manifest effortlessly."

If there’s a mismatch between your energy and your intentions, discord happens. And it takes a lot more effort to get where you want to go because you’re fighting against yourself.

For example, let’s say you have the intention to embark upon a new career that positively impacts others in some way. You imagine yourself helping people overcome their challenges and live their best lives. However, every day your mind is filled with destructive thoughts like fear, blame, and negative self-talk. And you feed your spirit negative news all day. And you hang out with people who see the world as a dangerous place and have a “what’s in it for me?” mentality.

In this example, the energy you’re cultivating is not very good. Not only that, it’s actually attracting more negative energy because like attracts like. With all this negative energy, you can expect your actions, which are expressions of your energy, to be less fruitful in bringing about the changes you want to make. And the road to your dreams will likely be filled with many road bumps and challenges along the way. Of course, even though challenges arrive, they are just more opportunities to become aware of negativity and choose to upgrade your energy. Difficulties are designed to redirect you to your higher path if you choose to see it that way. But when you take care of yourself energetically, it certainly doesn’t have to be so hard!

Your energy is MAGNETIC.

It's so important to remember this! No matter how high or how low your energy is, it’s bringing you more of the same.

That’s why when you cultivate high-vibe energy and clear out the negative energy, your good intentions can manifest more easily. Why? Because your beliefs, thoughts, and actions are all working together in harmony. There’s nothing fighting in terms of competing energies.

Energy is everything.

Everything comes from energy.

Every single thing we see, feel, taste, touch and even all the things we don’t see or feel or even know spring from a field of energy called Life Force Energy.

Your own personal share of this energy is called your biofield. It’s important to clear out negative energy from your biofield so you’re attracting and manifesting what you actually want in your life - not what you don’t want.

5 ways to clear out negative energy from your biofield:

1. Take care of your thoughts.

Your thoughts have energy. Not only are they magnetic and bring you more of the same, they inform your beliefs and actions. Replace lower quality thoughts with higher quality thoughts.

2. Remove yourself.

Remove yourself from toxic negative energy or transform it. If you can’t transform it, walk away and leave it behind. This includes people, places, everything you eat and drink, and everything you consume as far as news and media. Remember - wherever you put your attention you’re bringing in that energy into your energetic body.

3. Harmonize EMFs.

Modern tech makes the world go ‘round but the consequences are hefty. Unnatural EMFs coming from our high-tech lives are messing with your health and wellbeing. You can’t escape EMFs (without retreating into the woods) but you can harmonize them so they’re no longer dangerous for you.

4. Daily gratitude.

Gratitude is a superpower because it forces you to pay attention to the positive stuff in your life. All it takes is a minute or two of pausing and reflecting on what you’re grateful for and feeling a sense of thankfulness in your heart. It’s an easy-peasy high-vibe practice.

5. Bring high-vibe energy directly into your life.

With powerful tools from Life Harmony Energies, you have a suite of products that help you clear, protect, and optimize your biofield. It’s all good energy all the time over here. Try these essentials to get started:

Till next time,
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