How to Manifest Happiness, Success, and Contentment with Ease

by Martin Grosjean

manifesting tips from Life Harmony Energies

Let's face it, who doesn’t want to manifest happiness, success, and contentment?

In an effortless way?

With no complicated regimen or impossible program?

For free?

Yes, please! 🙋

Well, listen closely while the Guru tells you about it. As with everything we talk about here at Life Harmony Energies, Life Force Energy is the key. We’re talking THE Life Force Energy - the one we’re all made of and the one that makes everything in the world go ‘round. And by go ‘round I mean manifest.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? If you align yourself with the energy that manifests everything in the Universe, you’ll be able to manifest all that you need. Or I should say, the Universe will manifest everything you need for you.

The problem is that most of us spend our time putting effort into manifesting what we want. We work, we worry, we try, we get frustrated, and so we think we have to try harder. Well, the good news is that you don’t have to work to manifest what you want--it comes automatically. Without having to worry about it, concentrate on it, or try hard at it. 

It’s true. 

When you align yourself with the Life Force Energy of the Universe, what’s meant for you comes automatically.

Okay, so how do you align yourself with the Life Force Energy of the Universe?

The important thing to realize is that Life Force Energy is first and foremost GOOD energy. And by good I mean positive. Filled with light. Vibrating at a high frequency. If you fill yourself with good energy, you’re automatically aligning yourself with the Life Force Energy.

Here are some guru tips on how to fill yourself with good energy. Just two of them. (I told you it was easy.)

Step 1: Avoid negative energy.

Because of course the more negative energy you’re exposed to, the harder it is to fill yourself with good energy. You can easily figure out where you’re getting exposed to negative energy because it makes you feel bad, sad, angry, or anxious.

Pay attention as you go through your life and whenever you feel any of these negative feelings, you’ve found a source of negative energy. It can come from people, places, things, and even your own mind. People, places, and things are pretty easy to avoid. When you identify what’s generating a negative feeling for you, just stay away from it. Get it out of your life, and do whatever it takes to do so.

Your mind is a little trickier. It will sometimes just invent negative energy to give itself something to do. The mind loves to be busy. It loves to find problems, find faults, make judgements, and give itself something to stew over. So try not to let it.

When you get one of those negative feelings and there’s nothing behind it except what you’re thinking about, stop thinking about that. It takes a little practice, but you can do it. A good technique is to tell the Life Force Energy that you’re sending these negative thoughts out of your mind and into it so that it can dissolve them into nothingness. It will happily do so, because it’s all good, and good can dissolve bad without any problem…

Step 2: Fill yourself with love.

And I’m not talking about romantic love, or BFF love. I’m talking about unconditional love. For everyone and everything. No exceptions.

The trick to this is acceptance. Accepting everyone and everything as it is. Realizing that if the Life Force Energy manifested it, then all is as it should be. Because the Life Force Energy, being all good, doesn’t manifest anything bad. Something may appear bad to us, but that’s just because we’re looking at it from our limited perspective.

Yeah, that’s a hard one to grasp, for sure. But even a mean person is that way for a reason. They have something they need to work through, and it’s related to the energy they came into the world with or that they created for themselves – otherwise known as karma. And karma is a whole other subject that we won’t delve into here, but suffice it to say, the Life Force Energy doesn’t manifest anything randomly. There’s a purpose for it all, and we mortals usually can’t see it from our perspective.

Acceptance is absolutely essential. And acceptance is a lot easier when you remember that everyone and everything is made of Life Force Energy. Including you. So you are, in all truth, the same as everything else in the Universe. Therefore if you send negative energy to anything in the Universe, you’re sending it to yourself.

And of course it works the same with love. If you send love out into the Universe, you’re sending love to yourself. It may not come back to you immediately, but it will come. Try practicing for a while, it won’t take long to notice the effect. The more loving you are to the other beings you encounter, the more your life becomes filled with love. It’s how Life Force Energy works.

Which brings us back to our original goal of manifesting happiness, success, and contentment...

If you avoid negative energy and fill yourself with love, you’re aligning yourself with the Life Force Energy. Love is the current of Life Force Energy. Love is the most positive, brightest, highest vibrating force in the Universe.

If you look around at the people you admire, your heroes and your role models, you’lll notice that they’re positive people. They’re happy and successful and content because they’re aligned with Life Force Energy. They don’t have to work at it, they don’t struggle with it, they probably don’t even think about it – it comes automatically.

So give it a try yourself and see what happens. Trust me, I’m not making this up. This is nothing new either. This has been the rule as long as we people have been roaming this beautiful Mother Earth of ours. Those who fill themselves with positive energy have positive things happen to them, effortlessly.

You can put blood, sweat, and tears into trying to manifest happiness, success, and contentment, but if you’re full of negative energy it’s NEVER going to happen. EVER.

But if you put love and positive energy into your life and into the Universe, it will happen without any effort. Try it and see. It hasn’t failed yet in the history of the Universe.

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  • Life Force Energy is GOOD energy
  • To manifest with ease, align yourself with Life Force Energy
  • Negative energy is not aligned with Life Force Energy, so learn how to avoid or transform it.
  • Unconditional love is essential for manifesting because it’s aligned with Life Force Energy
  • Acceptance is key.
  • Trying hard to manifest while filled with negative energy will never work.
  • Good energy brings good things into your life--effortlessly.