Carbon+ Home EMF Harmonizer Kit
Home EMF Harmonizer Kit
EMF Neutralizer Harmonizing Plate for Electrical Outlet
Home EMF Harmonizer Kit for Electrical Fuse Box
Home EMF Harmonizer Kit
EMF Neutralizer Harmonizing Plate for Electrical Outlet
Home EMF Harmonizer Kit for Electrical Fuse Box
Home EMF Harmonizer Kit
EMF Neutralizer Harmonizing Plate for Electrical Outlet
Home EMF Harmonizer Kit for Electrical Fuse Box
Carbon+ Home EMF Harmonizer Kit
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The Carbon+ Home EMF Harmonizer Kit includes an anti-radiation plate and several smaller plates made with our proprietary dual-protection technology. It works to neutralize harmful radiation coming from the most powerful EMF-emitting devices within your home: cell phones (including 5G enabled devices), WiFi routers, WiFi extenders, induction cooktops, laptops, tablets, smart home hubs, microwave ovens, conventional electrical wiring, and more.

  • Protects your whole home against harmful EMF radiation coming from the technology you use every day.
  • Works on EMFs coming from outside your home, too, like cell phone towers, neighbor's WiFi routers, nearby power lines, and geopathic stress.
  • Better than blocking. Devices continue to work normally since it doesn't block EMFs but instead neutralizes the radiation.
  • Balances negative and positive ions creating a high-vibe feeling in your home that feels good.

One kit protects a home served by a single fuse box and consists of:

  • One carbon plate (2" x 3") to place on the inside of the fuse box door
  • Several smaller carbon plates (2.25" x .5") to place on outlet covers around the home (how many depends on the size of the area to be covered - see info below)
  • Adhesive backing allows you to adhere them


Protect your sanctuary.

This kit harmonizes all the EMF radiation inside your home and restores a balance of negative and positive ions for a high-vibe home that feels good AND is an EMF protected zone.

Whole House EMF Protection System

Make your home an EMF protected zone that feels good and IS good for everyone within it.

    Which kit to order?

    If you have access to the fuse box, add up the total amount of square footage the fuse box services and order as follows:

    • Kit 1500 – up to 1,500 sq. ft. (1 large & 4 small plates)
    • Kit 2600 – from 1,500 to 2,600  sq. ft. (1 large & 7 small plates)
    • Kit 3700 – from 2,600 to 3,700  sq. ft. (1 large & 10 small plates)
    • Kit 4800 – from 3,700 to 4,800 sq. ft. (1 large & 13 small plates)

    To calculate the correct square footage, add up all the area serviced by the fuse box even if you aren't using those areas. Include every room, basement, attic, garage, outbuildings, etc. that are serviced by your electricity. The Carbon + Home EMF Harmonizer Kit works by harmonizing the entire electrical network throughout the total area covered by the fuse box. If you have an area larger than 4,800 square feet, you'll need to purchase one of the Home Harmonizer Singles for each additional 400 square feet.

    If you DO NOT have access to the fuse box, you will purchase a number of Home Harmonizer Singles based on the size of the area to be covered:

    • Up to 1,000 sq. ft. – purchase four Singles
    • For each additional 375 sq. ft. – purchase one additional Single

    How does it work?

    Learn more about EMFs and how the Carbon+ Home Kit protects you.

    How to install?

    Get complete installation instructions for the Carbon+ Home EMF Harmonizer Kit


    • Large plate is 2x3"
    • Small plates are 2.25x.5"
    • 1.5mm


    • Proprietary energized carbon
    • Why carbon? Not only is carbon a sleek, efficient holder of energy, it has natural grounding properties, making it an even more robust tool for your healthy lifestyle. 


    • Clean with soft damp cloth
    • Use mild, natural soap

    Q. Can I purchase just one Carbon+ Home EMF Harmonizer Single?

    A. The Carbon+ Home Harmonizer system is not effective unless it's sized appropriately for the space to be covered. It works by circulating through the electrical system (not using electricity however), so it won't offer the appropriate level of protection if not configured properly. Placing just one near your bed, for example, will not be effective. Nor will placing them on your wireless devices - for that you should choose the Harmonizer Chip (for cell phones, routers, & wireless devices). The Home Harmonizer Single is for creating a protected space when access to the fuse box is not possible or for supplementing areas larger than 4,800 sq. ft., as described above.

    Q. Can I move the Home Harmonizer plates to a new location?

    A. Yes, you may move the carbon plates to a new location by carefully removing them and re-attaching them in the new location. The adhesive backing will generally still be sticky, but if it's not you can attach them again with double-sided tape, a piece of clear tape over the top, or glue. It's best to use a razor blade when removing them to make it easier to peel off and to minimize any damage to them. Any adhesive left on the surface may be easily removed with rubbing alcohol.

    Q. How does the Home Harmonizer Kit improve the air quality within my home?

    A. The Home Harmonizer Kit helps restore the natural balance of negative and positive ions within your home. Most indoor spaces, especially those polluted by EMF radiation, have an unnaturally low presence of negative ions. When the natural balance is restored, fine and ultra-fine particles in the air clump together and fall to the floor. This is good for your health, since breathing the particulate matter is unhealthy. A higher concentration of negative ions generally improves the “feel” or “energy” of the space as well, which is one reason why we feel happier and more energized when outdoors in nature.

    Q. What if I have more than one fuse box?

    A. If you have more than one fuse box, size the installation according to the entire space covered by your electricity meter. Even if you have multiple fuse boxes, you only need one kit with one large plate if all the fuse boxes are serviced by the same electricity meter (see above for the installation instructions). If you do have more than one electricity meter, you'll need a kit for each meter so you'll have a large plate for the fuse box that services each.

    Q. Can I use the Home Harmonizer system when I travel?

    A. Yes, if you travel regularly it's advisable to have a second Home Harmonizer system to use in your accommodations. In a vacation home/condo you would install it as you would in your own home, only of course use tape instead of the adhesive backing on the plates so you can easily remove them. For a hotel room simply taping the large plate to an outlet in the room is sufficient to offer you protection.

    Q. Do I also need the other EMF harmonizing products for the wireless devices within my home?

    A. All our products are designed to work synergistically together, so ideally you would have the EMF Harmonizer Chip on the wireless devices you use frequently (e.g. laptop or iPad) or that you spend a lot of time close to (e.g. wireless TV, baby monitor, wireless speaker). We always recommend using the Harmonizer Chip for your cell phones and WiFi router as these are very powerful emitters of EMF radiation.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Worth the investment!

    After researching the effects on EMF radiation and the negative impacts on overall health, I decided to pull the plunge and protect our home. So glad I did! We noticed several benefits right away which I was not expecting! Overall, our home has more positive energy, feels tranquil, and our quality of sleep is much better which has provided substantial benefits as well. We have also noticed a big difference in our stress/anxiety levels...even when outside of the home! It was very easy to install. We added these with tape to the back of our outlets so we can easily remove if we should ever decide to move and take our protection with! Since installing this kit, we have also added the WI-FI router, wireless device, and cell phone harmonizers. We are amazed by the positive impacts in our home and lives! I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to take their health and well-being to the next level!

    Wonderful products

    Over the past year we have invested in bracelets (the new version with leather, very nice looking), patches for devices, and now the home/office system.

    People really notice how "peaceful" or "tranquil" the house feels when the come inside.

    Friends to whom we have given these products as gifts say that they can't articulate clearly what they notice when they go to work, for example, wearing a bracelet or necklace, but they do say they feel "different," and that that difference is a good one. Several of them work in environments where there is a lot of EMF -- they are software engineers and ER nurses.

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Kim! This is so beautiful to hear. We're happy that you're enjoying your products and can feel a positive difference since using them. You've made our day!

    Michael A.
    Should have done a while ago

    I had been doing research on EMF protection but never pulled the trigger, I was skeptical. I finally took the chance and figured I would use my house plants as a confirmation it was working and protecting. My plants have never looked better and I sleep much deeper at night! Well worth it and should not have waited so long. EMF Harmony is easy to install an protects both floors of our house!

    Better Sleep and Better Focus

    I installed the Kit 1500 at my house and slept better immediately that night!

    It's been over two months now and I have to say a general fog has been lifted from my mornings. I have had better lucidity in my dreams, and have been waking up more refreshed than I have in a long, long time!

    Growing up in a small town and then moving to Metropolis, one of the first things I noticed was how MUCH MORE electrical systems, and general technology we are subjected to in the Urban Environment. I have reclaimed my circadian rhythm I remember having as a youth growing up in Rye, CO.

    I am also a musician who spends a heck of a lot of time staring at screens and using a lot of electrical technology.

    I have, literally, only seen positive impacts from the integration of EMF Harmony. From the aforementioned sleep boost, to more motivation during the day, continued focus on tasks throughout the day, and I've even been more driven to stretch and drink water at a more proper rate.

    Could not recommend these products any more strongly!

    So Worth It

    After I moved into a multi-unit condo building that only has electricity for heat, stove, etc., that combined with the many WiFi routers bombarding from every direction in the building, I absolutely felt EMF stress. It manifested as tinnitus primarily. My pet cat also got sick and died after moving there and I felt it was vitally important to protect myself and my pet who is indoor only. After using the whole house protection, I definitely feel much less EMF stress and hope that it is benefiting my cat as well.

    How it works

    Our products emit high-vibrational frequencies that vitalize Life Force Energy in your food, water, atmosphere, and body for better health and well-being. The bio-resonance approach is an age-old but highly sophisticated way to change your life from the energetic level, which is the very foundation from which it manifests.

    FOR 20+ YEARS

    Backed by independent research.

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