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Water is arguably the most important nutrient you put in your body. It is vital for every aspect of your body’s functioning and health. So vital that you can only live for a matter of days without it. Proper hydration with clean water is the very foundation of your well-being.

Water found in nature has a crisp, beautiful, crystalline structure that your body evolved to assimilate and absorb to meet its needs. But the tap water most of us drink has been damaged by destructive energetic influences as it is cleaned and processed with chemicals and transported to our faucet (see example below). When you drink this water you drink the destructive energy, and it is absorbed into your body and its biofield.

The Home Water Harmonizer from Life Harmony Energies will harmonize and vitalize your water, returning it to its natural energetic state and removing any negative energy it has absorbed. The beautiful crystalline structure of water in nature is restored, and thus your body is better able to assimilate and utilize its beneficial, health-promoting properties.

And the added benefit – your water tastes much better! You will notice a smoother, more pleasant texture and a pure taste that better satiates your thirst. People rave about how much easier and more enjoyable it is to stay hydrated with harmonized water.

The Home Water Harmonizer is a stainless-steel tube that you strap onto to the main water pipe coming into your home (straps included). As the water in the pipe passes by it is exposed to the energetic frequencies stored in the Harmonizer and is thus harmonized and vitalized on its way into your home so that all water – for drinking, cooking, showering, cleaning, etc. – is restored to its natural, healthy state.

The small/medium size is for 1 or 2 people living in an apartment or modest home without a large extra use of water like a garden or lawn. The medium/large is for 3 to 5 people living in an apartment or home up 3,000 square feet with modest extra use for a garden or lawn. See below for more details on choosing the size appropriately.

The Water Harmonizer has these amazing benefits:

  • Improves the taste, texture & microbiological quality of your water
  • Drinks and food taste better, are milder and more digestible
  • Washed fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer
  • Makes your cleaning products more efficient for laundry, dishwashing, etc.
  • Reduces lime & iron deposits in the pipes, resulting in longer life of water pipes & household appliances
  • Plants grow bigger and healthier with more blooms on flowers
  • All mineral components of the water are preserved
  • Easy to install, no tools needed, just use the included straps to attach to pipe

Tap Water vs. Harmonized Water

Dr. Emoto Water Crystal Images

The world-renowned Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto pioneered the microscopic analysis of water crystals using high-speed photography. In his book “The Hidden Messages in Water” he famously documented how the molecular structure of water is influenced by external energetic factors such as human emotions, EMF radiation, pollution, etc. Shown here are pictures taken using Dr. Emoto’s technique that show regular tap water compared to tap water harmonized with the Life Harmony Energies bio-resonance process.

Healthy and unhealthy water differs in the way it forms crystalline structures. The more clear and crisp its crystal structure, the easier it is for a living organism to assimilate it into its cells. The crystalline structure also allows more energetic vibrations to be stored in the water and positively influences its surface tension.

You can learn more about how the Life Harmony Energies bio-resonance process influences water crystal structure on our Research page here.

Choosing the Appropriate Size:

The size and number of Home Water Harmonizers to choose depends primarily on the volume of water that you use. Here are some guidelines to help you choose:

  • Small/Medium – Ideal for 1 or 2 people living in an apartment or modest home without a large extra use of water like a lawn (up to 25,000 gallons/year). For 1 or 2 people who have a large lawn or garden it is recommended to choose the Medium/Large.
  • Medium/Large – Ideal for a family up to 5 people living in an apartment or home with a modest lawn or garden (up to 75,000 gallons/year). For more than 5 people, or extra water usage like a large yard or garden it is recommended to add an extra Small/Medium or Medium/Large unit, depending on the scope of the water usage.
  • Swimming Pool - If you have a pool it is recommended that you purchase an additional Home Water Harmonizer and attach it to the pipe leading from the circulation/filtering system to the pool. This will dramatically improve the quality of the water in the pool, making it softer and more skin-friendly, reducing the taste and odor of the chlorine, and even lowering the amount of chemicals needed.


  • Small/Medium – 6.7” long x 1.3” diameter
  • Medium/Large – 11.8” long x 1.3” diameter
  • Composition – Stainless steel with ceramic filling and inlaid silicon crystal balls

Instructions & FAQs:

Please click here to view the instructions and frequently asked questions for the Home Water Harmonizer.

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