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    14 products
    Men's Onyx Bracelet
    enhance your energetic connection between you and your LHE jewelry
    Synergy Spray
    EMF Protection Necklace silver
    Pure Light Pendant - EMF Protection Necklace
    Citrine success bracelet
    Success Bracelet
    gold and black leather braided health and harmony bracelet
    health and harmony energized bracelet
    Health & Harmony Bracelet
    Silver EMF Protection Bracelet Pure Light Cuff
    Pure Light Cuff - EMF Protection Bracelet
    Happy Plants Spray
    Spirtual Balance Spray
    Energy Clearing Spray
    Energy bracelet for spiritual balance, grounding, emotional uplift, and EMF protection
    Onyx bead bracelet with 4 bioresonance energies for spiritual balance, calm, grounding, emf protection, and joy
    Be Still & Know Beaded Bracelet
    Aura Protection Spray
    Energy Life House Harmonizer
    Creating Positive Energy in Your Home
    Harmonizer Pyramid
    Harmonizing Water Bottle
    Home Water Harmonic Balancer
    Harmonize Home Water
    Home Water Harmonizer
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