Guru Tips from Life Harmony Energies

Using Life Force Energy to Improve Your Life

Lesson 3 - Grounding for Equanimity

Welcome back to our Guru Tips guide to using Life Force Energy to improve your life. In our last lesson we learned how to use visualization to ground our biofield energy to Mother Earth. Now we’ll learn how to use your newly grounded energy to bring equanimity into your life.

What is equanimity?

Merriam-Webster defines equanimity as “evenness of mind, especially under stress”, “right disposition”, “balance”. In other words, it is the ability to remain calm, collected, and composed under any circumstance – good or bad. When you live in a state of equanimity the challenges that life brings your way will not disturb your sense of well-being.

And we all get challenges from time to time, there’s no escaping that. So when they come around wouldn’t you rather maintain your composure and let them pass so that they don’t create anxiety in your life? When you really master equanimity, you can even learn to smile when you’re faced with something that would have previously totally stressed you out.

Equanimity relates to the grounding practice we learned in the last lesson because you are maintaining your energetic roots firmly planted in mother earth, even when the winds of life are blowing strong. Like a mighty tree in a windstorm, your leaves may flutter a bit, but your core energy does not bend or sway. The winds pass right through as you remain tall and strong.

Here are some ideas on how to practice bringing more equanimity into your life:

  • Start with your grounding practice we learned in lesson 2 (you can review that here). That gets your energy connected to earth and your energetic roots firmly planted into mother earth.
  • Do some “big picture” thinking about your life. You do this by first acknowledging all the amazing and beautiful things you have in your life. Your talents, your friends and family, the achievements you’ve accomplished – all the things that make you proud and happy. Then send a little gratitude out to the Universe for bringing those to you. You are blessed, so say thank you.
  • Next think back about some of the challenges you’ve had in your life. Some of the regrets and seeming back luck experiences. And then quickly come back to the all the positive things you’ve just expressed gratitude for. And now the key – remind yourself that all those challenges didn’t take away from all the wonderful things you have to be grateful for. Not only that, they actually contributed to making you the amazing and beautiful person that you are!
  • That’s the big picture. You acknowledge that challenges will come, but that it doesn’t matter because the core of the incredible being that you are will not be affected by them. On the contrary, they will make you stronger and more resilient. That is how the Universe works – it will always bring you trials, but it does so because they make you a better person. And it will never bring you a trial that you cannot handle, that you can be sure of.

To bring this back into the realm of energy, what you’re doing is visualizing your ability to maintain a strong, positive energy in all situations – such as when negative energy comes your way. Because you are firmly rooted into Mother Earth you can easily pull her love into your being to give you strength when faced with challenges.

And it’s important to realize that equanimity is essentially meeting bad energy with good energy. Negative energy thrives on creating more negative energy, so if it comes your way and finds you filled with positive energy, it’s just going to go right on by and leave you alone. That is the truth – try it and see!

So next time you are faced with a potentially stressful situation, step away and ground yourself. Then think of the big picture of your life and how such situations will not change the core, beautiful you. Then pull in some loving positive energy from Mother Earth and fill your entire being with it. Goodbye negative energy, no room for you here! 😊

Stay tuned for our next lesson, where you’ll learn about the Law of Attraction and how the thoughts and emotions you hold in your being will shape your energy so that they will ultimately manifest in your life. It’s exciting stuff!

See you back here soon…

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