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Using Life Force Energy to Improve Your Life

Lesson 5 - Managing Negative Energy

Welcome back to our Guru Tips guide to using Life Force Energy to improve your life. In our last lesson we learned about the Law of Attraction and using it to manifest your goals and dreams (you can review that here). Now we’ll learn how to use it to manage negative energy when it comes into your life.

We all have challenges that come along from time to time, or perhaps even long-term challenges that we struggle with. Anything that makes you worry, causes stress, or makes you feel sad will automatically generate negative energy in your being. And as we learned in the last lesson, the Law of Attraction says that negative energy will manifest negative events in your life.

So our goal here is to learn how to manage your challenges to prevent them from generating negative energy – and actually use them as opportunities to create positive energy. That way the Law of Attraction works in your favor, manifesting positive events in your life rather than negative ones.

It is important to remember that the current of Life Force Energy is love and positivity – that is what it wants to give you. But it is up to you to activate it, to tell it what you desire and to send it positive energy so that it can manifest positive outcomes in your life.

In the last lesson we also learned that your thoughts and emotions have a direct influence on your energy. So managing your challenges is really about managing your thoughts and emotions surrounding them. The first and foremost goal is to recognize and release negative thoughts. Then you want to replace them with positive thoughts, which will of course then create positive emotions and energy in your being.

An excellent way to handle short-term, periodic challenges that come your way is the equanimity practice we learned in lesson 3 (you can review that here). That is essentially a technique for turning these challenges into positive energy.

But most of us also have longer-term, more persistent challenges that we deal with. Perhaps there is a person in your life, a past event, an environment like work, or even current affairs in the world at large. These situations that present recurrent negative thoughts and emotions take a little more time and energy to manage.

Here is a little practice to help with these longer-term challenges:

  • Pick a few times during the day when you will stop and pay attention to your energy, your thoughts, and your emotions. A few minutes at a time is enough, it doesn’t take long to change your energy if you focus on it.
  • Start by closing your eyes and simply noticing what’s been going through your head recently. What keeps popping up in your mind, and how does it make you feel? If there’s something bothering you, it will surface on and off throughout your life and give you a pang of angst every time. That’s what you’re looking for – just recognize it and acknowledge it.
  • Identifying these recurrent negative thoughts and emotions is half the battle. The other half is letting them go and replacing them with positive ones.
  • First remember that you have the power to control your thoughts – and that if you don’t control them then they will control you. So make a commitment to yourself to be mindful of what’s happening in your head, just pay attention. And when these negative thoughts that you’ve identified come up, just recognize them and commit to letting them go.
  • A good way to let go of negative thoughts is to simply offer them up to the Universe, telling the Life Force Energy that you don’t want them and asking it to remove them. “Take them away please, they do not serve me. Thank you very much.” It will listen and it will help.
  • Then comes replacing the negative thoughts with positive ones. Repeating a short affirmation or two to yourself is a great practice for accomplishing that. Here are some ideas:
    • “This fear is unfounded. I am a good and beautiful person, and my Life Force Energy will protect me and see to it that this fear does not manifest in my life.”
    • “This event in my past is done and over with. I resolve to live in the present moment, and I release all the negative energy associated with this event out into the Universe forever.”
    • “This negative person/environment is outside of me, and I make the choice not to let its energy enter my being. I will project a field of love around me, so that when this negative energy comes it will find no place to go and will pass around me.”
  • These are just a few examples. You can of course create your own affirmations to deal with your unique challenges.
  • You can also do a short visualization at the end to bring even more positive energy into your being. Simply imagine yourself in a happy state, feeling calm and relaxed and at peace with your life. It may help to picture yourself on the beach, in the woods, or in your lover’s arms – whatever brings it to life in your mind.

As mentioned above, recurrent negative thoughts and emotions take a little more time and energy to turn around. The key is consistency – developing a practice (aka habit) of addressing them on a daily basis. Repeat the practice above two or three times a day for a few weeks and pay attention to the changes. Your Life Force Energy will slowly get the message, and it will reinforce your efforts and use your newfound positivity to manifest positive changes in your life!

Stay tuned for our next lesson, where you’ll learn how to fill your being with positive energy and send it out into the Universe. Whatever energy you send out to the Life Force Energy it will return to you – in more ways than you can imagine! We’ll share some examples of how that works and a simple practice to make it real in your life.

See you back here soon…

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