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Using Life Force Energy to Improve Your Life

Lesson 7 - Living in the Present

Welcome back to our Guru Tips guide to using Life Force Energy to improve your life. In the last lesson we learned how to increase the positive vibration of your energy and send it out into the Universe, where it ultimately comes back to you. Now we’ll learn about another aspect of Life Force Energy related to living more in the present moment.

One of the discoveries of quantum physics – and something known by traditional healers for thousands of years – is that in the world of Life Force Energy there is no dimension of time. That means that the past and the future do not exist, there is only the present moment. This concept can be grasped fairly easily with some commonsense reflection.

  • The Past - An event that happened to you in the past is gone forever, it no longer has any “existence” in reality. The only trace of it left is in the memory bank of your brain cells and in your energetic state. It may be there consciously in that you can and do recall it and feel the energy associated with it, or it may be there unconsciously so that you do not recall it – although you may still feel its energy.
  • The Future - You could say the future is even less real than the past because it also has no existence in reality, nor is it even recorded in your memory. It is essentially pure fantasy, just random thought patterns running through your mind. The future is really just a mental abstraction, and 99% of the time that mental abstraction never even manifests in reality!

So in your life neither past nor future exist. The problem, of course, is that most of us spend a significant amount of time thinking about the past and/or the future. And as we learned in earlier lessons about the Law of Attraction, what happens in your mind strongly affects your energy, and your energy strongly affects what manifests in your life. So if you are thinking about negative events in your past or potentially negative events in your future, it is going to have negative consequences on how your life unfolds.

The solution then is to forget about both the past and the future and to focus as much as possible on the present. When you find yourself ruminating about something bad that happened in your past, stop and remind yourself that it is over and gone forever and has no relevance for your current life. That’s what the practice we discussed in lesson 5 is all about, which you can review here.

When you find yourself worrying about something that might happen in the future, stop and remind yourself that it is pure fantasy and has no relevance for your current life. The real way to influence your future is not to worry about it, but rather to increase the positive vibrations of your energy so that it will manifest positive things in your life. That’s what the practice we discussed in lesson 4 is all about, which you can review here.

The key then is focusing on what is happening in your life right now. And most importantly, on your energetic state right now. By paying attention to how your energy feels and concentrating on making it ever more positive, you can be sure that your life will unfold in an ever more positive way. Visualizing positivity is the right way to use your mind, and that is what most of the practices we’ve discussed are all about.

It comes down to trusting the Life Force Energy to guide and take care of you. If you are a good and positive person, it will most definitely do that. So there is no need to dwell on the past or fret about the future, just live with positive energy in the here and now and let your energy guide you to happiness and success.

That’s the wonder of working with your energy - it doesn’t take much effort, it works quickly, and it takes your mind off of less constructive activity (like worrying about the past and future). But as we’ve said before, consistent practice is important. Working with your energy is most powerful if you make it an ongoing part of your daily routine. And the good news is that it is self-reinforcing - the more you do it the easier it becomes and the better you feel!

Stay tuned for our next lesson, where you’ll learn how to let go of controlling your life and to trust in the Life Force Energy to bring you what you need. It’s a huge stress-reliever, and something you can watch happen if you pay attention.

See you back here soon…

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