Being Well Energy Disc
Being Well Energy Disc
Being Well Energy Disc
Being Well Energy Disc
Being Well Energy Disc
Being Well Energy Disc
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Being Well Energy Disc supports your health and immune system so your body operates at a more optimal level and is less susceptible to illness. Your body’s energetic pathways are unblocked and flow freely so your innate health-sustaining energy can move to wherever it's needed.

  • Delivers energy-shifting frequencies for protecting your health and strengthening your immune system
  • Whatever you place on the disc receives the energy in about 30 seconds
  • Travels easily - fits in your pocket, purse, or backpack
  • Use as a coaster with your Harmonizing Water Bottle
  • 2 1/2" diameter, stainless-steel "coaster"
  • Carry it in your pocket or purse, keep it in your jewelry box, place it under your plate while you eat, use it as a coaster for your coffee, tea, water, etc.


Peak health is true wealth.

Make subtle yet powerful shifts in your wellbeing with the help of energetic technology for immune support and cellular vitality.

Energy Disc for Better Health


    I am healthy, strong, resilient, and protected against threats to my wellbeing.

    Bio-resonance Energies

    1. Protection - health protection
    2. Strength - immune system strengthening
    3. Energy Clearing - dissolution of negative energies
    4. Body Protection – protects the body from external negative energetic influences, including EMFs, other people, and places

    Maintain a strong foundation for health at the cellular level with the support of bio-photons, the vital light energy that powers your body. With Being Well you get the support you need to live your life in peak health.

    It's a simple process based on age-old healing techniques that have been around for thousands of years. Real change happens at the energetic level, which then shapes your body, mind, and spirit - and in the case of Being Well shapes them into a stronger, healthier you.

    Get the Guru Tips: Make it all work even better. Go get the tips!

    Whatever you place on the disc receives the energy. The possibilities are endless - carry it in your pocket or purse, keep it in your jewelry box, place it under your plate while you eat, use it as a coaster for your coffee, tea, water, etc. In only 30 seconds the health-promoting energy is transferred, and then from there into you!

    • Use it as a coaster for your Harmonizing Water Bottle so its energy is transferred into the water as you drink.
    • Place drinks or food on it for 30 seconds before you consume them. Although it may be smaller than a plate of food, it will still transfer its energy to whatever is on the plate.
    • Use it as a coaster for your coffee, tea, wine, beer...
    • Place your jewelry on it before wearing, or simply keep it in your jewelry box.
    • Carry it in your pocket or purse and pull it out at restaurants or coffee shops.
    • Sleep with it under your pillow.
    • Or anything else you can think of!
    • Use with Being Well Energy Spray to enhance the effects.

    Size. 2 1/2 inch diameter.

    Material. Made of stainless steel and our proprietary bioresonance energy.

    Care. Wipe with damp cloth and if necessary, natural mild detergent.

    Q. How long until I will feel a difference?

    That depends a lot on where you're starting from and how consistent and committed you are to using the product(s), but most people will notice small changes in a matter of days and a significant difference in a matter of weeks.

    Q. Can I use different products and energy stories at the same time?

    Yes, please feel free to! A few notes:

    • You can use any of the Personalized Energy products with our harmonizers with no issues.
    • If you're using multiple energy stories (e.g. Health & Harmony, No Worries, My Way, etc.) we recommend starting with no more than 3 at a time, and if that feels good then add up to one more for a total of 4 at once. You can mix and match jewelry, discs, and sprays.

    Q. Will your energized products interfere with medicine or other treatments?

    No, since our technology work at the energetic level, they won't interfere with medications, which are happening at the physical level. If anything, it's likely to make your other treatments more effective.

    Q. How long will the energy last?

    Indefinitely. It doesn't diminish or wear out and doesn't need to be recharged.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    H.L. (US)
    This Energy Disc is awesome

    The Energy Disc is easy to take with you and it’s compact. It definitely works and makes you feel better. It helps with food, drinks and jewelry. It’s a must to buy.

    Carol W. (US)
    Ease of use

    I find this so convenient to use, it’s small and portable.
    I have put them in my car cup holder so my water(or other liquid)is always ready

    What a creative way to use your new Energy Disc! Thanks so much for sharing, Carol.

    How it works

    Our products emit high-vibrational frequencies that vitalize Life Force Energy in your food, water, atmosphere, and body for better health and well-being. The bio-resonance approach is an age-old but highly sophisticated way to change your life from the energetic level, which is the very foundation from which it manifests.

    FOR 20+ YEARS

    Putting Nature's Intelligence to work for better health.

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