What is harmony? And why it matters.

by Martin Grosjean

What is harmony and why does it matter?

What's the big deal about harmony?

We talk a lot about harmony around here. It is, after all, our middle name. And if you get our emails, you’ve probably seen our ever-changing taglines at the bottom of the messages:

  •   Harmony Makes Life Sunnier
  •   Harmony Makes Life Peaceful
  •   Harmony Makes Life Balanced
  •   Harmony Makes Life Beautiful
  •   Harmony Makes Life Happier

Wow! I’ll take some of that harmony in my life!

But what exactly is harmony? And what does it have to do with life and energies?

Here’s one of our favorite dictionary definitions of harmony: “An orderly or pleasing combination of elements in a whole.” And here are a few synonyms as provided by Merriam-Webster:  balance, coherence, symphony, unity.

So if the energy in your life is in harmony then all the energetic frequencies in your body, mind, and soul are in an orderly, pleasing, balanced, coherent, symphonic, unified resonance. And resonance is an important word here, because good energy is all about resonance.

When all the energy in your life resonates in harmony, everything flows smoothly.

Friction melts away and life unfolds effortlessly. Everything is in balance. Nothing is pushing against anything. You’re permeated by a serenity that allows you to live in the moment, seeing beauty in all things and all beings around you.

When you're living in energetic harmony, you feel good, you look good, you do good. In short, daily life is joyful  so you enjoy your life more!


So how does one achieve this energetic harmony?

There are three aspects of your being that you must consider:

  1. Your Mind
  2. Your Body
  3. Your Soul

Each of these have their own level of energy, and you need positive energy in all of them to achieve harmony. So still your mind – by meditating or taking time out to connect with Life Force Energy as we outline in our Guru Tips. Take care of your body – treat it with respect and keep it healthy. And most importantly, nurture your soul – take time to go beyond the body and mind to connect with the Divine, acknowledging that you are nothing but Life Force Energy, as is everything and everyone else in the Universe.

And of course there’s that all important feeling / emotion / power that makes all of it happen – LOVE. The quickest way to harmony is to fill your mind, body, and soul with love. It is after all the current of Life Force Energy, so when it flows through you, harmony automagically ensues…

Another thing to keep in mind is that your energy is influenced by a lot of external factors as well. The people around you, the place you live, the food you eat, the water you drink, the jewelry you wear, and so on. They all have energy, too, and if any of them carry negative energy, it’s going to make your job of bringing harmony into your life much harder.

The good news is that at Life Harmony Energies we offer so much cool stuff to help you bring all the energy in your life into harmony. (This part is kind of a commercial, but it’s really from the heart because we truly do want you to experience harmony. 😊)

You decide where in your life your energy isn’t as positive as it should be, and then we provide you with the solution:

Your mind – beautify yourself with our energy bracelets or relax with our No Worries energy therapy.

Your body – get help for all that ails you with our Sound Sleep energy therapy, Being Well energy therapy, or Right Size Me energy therapy. Or try our Better Sleep spray.

Your soul – go deeper with our Be Still & Know bracelet or our Spiritual Balance spray.

The people around you – protect yourself with our Aura Protection spray and Energy Clearing spray.

The place you live – bring harmony to your home with our Harmonizer Pyramid.

The food you eat & the jewelry you wear – harmonize what you put in and on your body with our Harmonizer Plate.

The water you drink – bring harmony into your body with every sip using our Magic Harmonizing Water Bottle.

End of commercial. But hopefully you get the idea. You don’t have to (and actually can’t) harmonize all your energy with brute force. Energy is about feeling, experiencing, connecting, receiving – and giving. To achieve true harmony you have to pay attention to your energy, and work on it.

And take all the help you can get – including from us here at Life Harmony Energies. 😊

Till next time,

Chief Energy Guru