The Best Ways to Remove Negative Energy From your Home

by Angela Swanson
Home Harmonizers remove negative energy

You should feel good in your home.

Everything is made of energy. Your body, your home, and every material thing in the world, is energy taking shape. And while we can’t make or destroy energy, we can--and do--change it.

For instance, man-made technologies (such as power lines, microwaves and cell phones) are examples of how humans have changed energy in our modern world. While we all enjoy these conveniences and appreciate advances in technology, the sharp rise in their use has cultivated energy in the universe that’s not beneficial because it’s no longer coherent with the natural energetic patterns found in Nature. As a result, we’re bombarded with negative energy pervading our homes and threatening our sense of peace, balance, and wellbeing.

But remember... you have the power to change energy!

Here's how.

Just as we’re capable of influencing energy that produces negative effects, we have the power to work with energy to bring it back into coherence for positive effects. Quantum energy—what ancient traditions called “Life Force Energy” or “prana”—can be transformed so that our minds and bodies achieve maximum wellbeing if only we’re intentional with our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. Here are some of the best energy manipulation techniques and tools that anyone can use to remove negative energy from the home and positively influence their Life Force Energy: 

1. Meditation

One of the first ways to remove negative energy from your home is to start by removing it from your own body. Almost the entire mass (99%!) of the human body exists as energy. Early Hindu scriptures detailed this over 3,500 years ago by describing a system of interconnected “chakras,” spinning disks of energy believed to maintain and support body and mind health. Optimal wellness is only available when the body’s chakras are all open, allowing the flow of energy up through the body and out of the head. To facilitate the practice, many people meditate. There are many types of meditation, and research shows that most (if not all) of them have the power to reroute the flow of energy within the autonomic nervous system, reducing stress, as well as stimulating the immune system to fight disease and other effects of negative energy flow. 

2. Biofield Therapies

Another approach, biofield therapies, offer people a way to clear negative energy from the body and, thus, the home. Everyone has a personal biofield, a field of energy surrounding their body. Biofield therapy is the manipulation of that biofield using such methods as Healing Touch (HT), Pranic healing, Reiki, Qigong, Therapeutic touch (TT), Biofield Tuning, and the Regenetics Method, so negative energy is released and Life Force Energy is able to flow freely.

3. Home Harmonizers

Home Harmonizers are actual devices that work to combat negative energy in a space. They release beneficial energetic frequencies that interact with the energy in the home, including a person’s own biofield, so the effects of negative energy are reduced and positive Life Force Energy is maximized. Home Harmonizers also supply the body with biophotons, increasing the energy and flow of the body’s cells and improving mental and physical wellbeing.

Popular Home Harmonizers include:

4. EMF Protection Devices

To actively remove (not simply redirect) negative energy, there are specifically-designed EMF protection devices. Studies show that bio-energetic technology works at the sub-atomic level to neutralize electromagnetic field radiation, protecting the body against negative energy effects.

Change Your Energy with Life Harmony Energies 

We all have the power to harness and change the energy within and around us. For more information about how to remove negative energy from your home and strengthen your Life Force Energy so that you’re mentally and physically enlivened, please contact our team at Life Harmony Energies.