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Harmonizing Plate

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When your food and drinks have been energetically harmonized and vitalized it makes a world of difference in both taste and health benefits! Once energetically enhanced they are easier to digest and assimilate, and detoxification and metabolism are stimulated. The taste of energized food and drinks is enhanced as the taste buds absorb more of their energy. Coffee and tea taste milder, fruits and vegetables taste deeper and more complex.

Place your food and drinks on the Harmonizing Plate for just 60 seconds and they will be returned to an optimal energetic state. Negative energetic frequencies that have accumulated during the journey from farm to factory to store to your home is removed while their energy is vitalized.

Your harmonized fruits and vegetables will stay fresh longer, your beverages will hydrate you more, and your vitalized ingredients will bring your cooking to a whole new level! And everything will taste better, be more easily digested, and provide better nutrition to your body.

Set your shopping bags on the plate as you bring them home. Set your plates or serving dishes on it on the way to the table. Set your tea and coffee on it while they are brewing. Set your supplements on it before taking them. You can even harmonize objects! New jewelry, clothing, or linen? Why not remove any negative energy and vitalize their energetic state before having them on your body?

You are what you eat, and that includes the energy that travels along with your food and drink. Your health and well-being manifest from your personal biofield, so keeping it in balance and harmony, free of impurities and blockages, is the key to a happy, healthful life. The Harmonizing Plate is the indispensable means for bringing harmony and vitality into your being with every bite and every drink.

The Harmonizing Plate is made of durable and easy to clean stainless steel and measures 8 1/4 inches in diameter.

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