Flower of Love Desktop Goodie
Energy Harmonizer for being heart-centered and wise
Flower of Love Desktop Goodie
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Flower of Love Desktop Goodie
Put this very special harmonizer in your work space, creative space... or any space to activate your heart energy and navigate life with more confidence that you’re doing the right thing.
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Your heart knows the way.

Beautiful Energy Helper for Your Desk

  • Emits high-vibrational, coherent energy into your personal space
  • Creates harmonized energy field extending 9 feet
  • Helps you be more heart-centered so you can take action from the wisdom of your heart instead of overthinking
  • Symbol is gold plated, 2.5" in diameter
  • Base is 2.75" x 4.74", made from eco-friendly wood composite


The Flower of Love Goodie is made with our proprietary bioresonance energies and creates an energy field around you that resonates with your heart's energy center so you can:

  • Experience your personal heart consciousness anew
  • Feel more confidence and joy
  • Nurture harmony between mind-soul-body
  • Recognize and understand the possibilities of daily life more consciously

Did you know?

Your heart is a major energy center within your body, and contrary to what you may think, your heart sends communication to the brain! When your heart is energetically coherent (balanced and ordered), you feel good. That "feel good" energy then broadcasts to your mind and body. The result is you feel better, do better, and everything works better together in harmony.

Your Flower of Love Desktop Goodie is ready to use as soon as you receive it. Position the symbol in the recess of the base and place in your personal environment no more than 9 feet away from you. Ideas include:

  • next to your bed on your bedside table
  • on your work desk
  • on the table next to your favorite reading chair
  • next to you while mediating
  • In your den next to you while watching TV or relaxing
  • On the dining table while having coffee, eating, etc.

It's particularly effective if you hold the symbol in your hand every now and then and consciously perceive its energy for two to three minutes.

Size. Symbol is 2.5 inches in diameter. Base is 2.75x4.74 inches.

Material. Symbol is gold-plated over copper. Base is made of durable and moisture-resistant wood composite.

Care. Simply wipe with a soft cloth. From time to time you may feel the need to cleanse your goodie of subtle energetic attachments. We recommend using Energy Clearing Spray

Q. How long and how often should I use my goodie?

You can have your goodie close to you 24/7 – as much you want.

Q. How long does the energy of the goodie last?

The power and energy of the goodie does not wear out and does not need to be “recharged.”

Q. How do I clean the goodie?

Simply wipe with a soft cloth. From time to time you may feel the need to cleanse your goodie of subtle energetic attachments. We recommend using Energy Clearing Spray.

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Our products emit high-vibrational frequencies that vitalize Life Force Energy in your food, water, atmosphere, and body for better health and well-being. The bio-resonance approach is an age-old but highly sophisticated way to change your life from the energetic level, which is the very foundation from which it manifests.


Putting Nature's Intelligence to work for heart-centeredness.

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