Grounding Spray
Grounding Spray
Grounding Spray
Grounding Spray
Grounding Spray
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Grounding Spray supports your energetic alignment and rooting to the earth's energy field. We all benefit from being grounded so if you want to walk through life with more presence and a sense of firm footing, then you will literally love Grounding Spray. 

  • Energetically reconnects you to the earth's energy field
  • Calms your nervous system and promotes present moment awareness
  • Stabilizes your energy field and helps you manage external energies
  • Subtle scent of organic Lemonine essential oil
  • 1.76 fl oz./50 ml


Everything works better when you're grounded.

Grounding Spray energetically reconnects you to the earth's energy field which helps your mind to be calm and focused, helps your emotions to be stable, and helps you be in the present moment.

Mother Earth Grounding Spray

Do you feel present?

In our everyday life, many times we don't feel really present because we're not really there! We "float" through our day without really grasping it. We're in our minds and the events of our life leave no real imprint on us.

This can easily happen when you do a lot of mental work. You get lost in thinking and lose your firm footing in everyday life, i.e. your contact with the ground!

When that happens, it's time to ground yourself again. The energetic power that allows you to grow again at the right time comes from your roots.

Spray Grounding Spray directly on the soles of your feet or on the surface of your insoles.

Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Water, Pentylene Glycol, Limonene

Q. Is the spray scented?

Yes, Grounding Spray is very lightly scented with organic lemonine essential oil. The scent is fresh and subtle.

Q. When should I use the spray?

Anytime you feel spacey or unfocused use Grounding Spray. During recovery from illness use 2-3 times a day. If you often have nightmares it could be due to too little grounding so use Grounding Spray in the evening before going to bed. If you have headaches, concentration problems, dizziness it may be an indication you are not grounded enough so use the spray as needed when those problems arise.

Q. How often can I use it?

One spray per day is sufficient. Using it in the morning as part of your daily routine is great idea.

Q. Which Life Harmony Energies products can I use with Grounding Spray?

Grounding Spray works great with all other Life Harmony Energies products.

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How it works

Our products emit high-vibrational frequencies that vitalize Life Force Energy in your food, water, atmosphere, and body for better health and well-being. The bio-resonance approach is an age-old but highly sophisticated way to change your life from the energetic level, which is the very foundation from which it manifests.


Putting Nature's Intelligence to work to help you stay grounded.

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