Energy Token Holder Necklace
Energy Token Holder Necklace
Energy Token Holder Necklace
Energy Token Holder Necklace
Energy Token Holder Necklace
Energy tokens sold separately
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Token holder becomes a beautiful necklace that keeps your Energy Token over your heart center. 

  • Hypo-allergenic stainless steel
  • Water-resistant
  • Chain is 23.5" in length

Use with

Heart-centered energy.

An optional add-on for your Energy Token. Holds your token over your heart center - an important energy center in your body. Interchange tokens as desired. Energy tokens sold separately.

Open the pendant and place the Energy Token inside. Close the pendant and run the chain through the loop. Wear every day. Feel free to interchange energy tokens based on the needs of the day.

Material. Hypo-allergenic stainless steel. Water-resistant.

Size. Chain is 23.5 inches in length.

Care. Clean with warm water and a mild, natural soap. Please don't use harsh chemical detergents. Please don't immerse the necklace or the wood medallion in water.

Q. Where can I purchase the Energy Tokens?

Energy Tokens are available here.

Q. Does the Energy Holder necklace contain energies, too?

Yes. Both the chain and the pendant contain beneficial energies for body protection and grounding.

Q. Is the necklace waterproof?

No. Please don't immerse the necklace or the wooden Energy Token in water.

Q. Can I sleep with the necklace on?

Yes, we recommend that you do!

Q. Does the necklace have to be touching my skin to be effective?

No. You can wear it on the outside of clothing and the energies will still resonate with your biofield. Wearing it next to the skin is perfectly fine, too.

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Customer Reviews

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Dawn (US)
Packs a punch

I love this necklace holder, especially because I can interchange energy tokens as needed. I recently got the no worries token to add to my collection to help me manage stress better. I thought I was doing pretty well until I started wearing it. Then it hit me- my reference point was completely off! Things that I can’t get done during the day don’t rattle me, and I can let go much more easily. These tokens are like having my own personal assistant! Actually, more like an energy team that packs a mighty punch!

How it works

Our products emit high-vibrational frequencies that vitalize Life Force Energy in your food, water, atmosphere, and body for better health and well-being. The bio-resonance approach is an age-old but highly sophisticated way to change your life from the energetic level, which is the very foundation from which it manifests.


Putting Nature's Intelligence to work for your health, wellbeing, and happiness.

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