Sound Asleep Energy Spray
Sound Asleep Energy Spray
Sound Asleep Energy Spray
Sound Asleep Energy Spray
Good morning, sunshine. Sound Asleep Spray gets your energy in order so you get a great night’s sleep and wake up refreshed - naturally. A must-have for jet lag.
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A cure for grumpy mornings.

Energy Spray for Better Sleep

Product details

  • Delivers potent energies directly into your body for relaxation and restful sleep
  • 100% natural and safe, works rapidly
  • 1.76 fl oz./50 ml
  • Energized water infused with pure oxygen (75mg/L)
  • Great for traveling and jet lag


I am relaxed and ease into a sound sleep that lasts until it is time to awaken in the morning.


We've infused oxygenated water with three powerful frequencies so when you use Sound Asleep Sprayyour energy flows into a state of repose and your body can maintain a relaxed state, supporting deep and restful sleep:

  • Nerve Well – for a balanced nervous system, sympathetic and parasympathetic aspects are in a normal state
  • Balance – the energy system is balanced, removing blockages, excesses, and deficiencies
  • Body Protection – protects the body from negative energetic influences, including EMFs, other people, and places

How it works

The quality of your sleep is deeply affected by the state of your energy, so by applying the spray as directed, the energy in your biofield will be brought into an optimal state for rest. You’ll find it easier to fall asleep quickly and remain asleep through the night. It not only improves the soundness of your sleep, but also improves the experience of your dreams.

Get the Guru TipsMake it all work even better.

Spray 6 sprays in the mouth and 4 sprays on the back of the neck. Ideally split between one application mid-day and one before bed.

If you wake up in the middle of the night definitely reapply it, it will not cause drowsiness in the morning as a sleep medication would.

Energized water infused with pure oxygen (75 mg/L)

Q. When should I use it?

Use whenever you want a great night's sleep. Some ideas are:

  1. Right before you crawl into bed. Keep a bottle on your nightstand so you don't forget. Spray yourself, your pillow, and your sheets.
  2. In the middle of the night when you wake up and can't fall back asleep.
  3. In your evening bath water.
  4. When traveling to help you recover quickly from jet lag.

Q. How often can I use it?

You may use the spray as often as you feel the need. Trust your intuition and the feeling of your energy state to guide you. There is no possibility of "too much."

Q. How long will the effects last?

This depends somewhat on your overall energy state and the energy of the environment in which you find yourself. But in general you can follow these guidelines: It will generally last through the night, but if you do wake up in the middle of the night and are having difficulty getting back to sleep, definitely apply it again.

Q. Can I use the spray with other Life Harmony Energies products?

Yes! Feel free to use it with any of the other products, including our jewelry, harmonizers, or energy discs. The more good energy supporting you the better!

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How it works

Our products emit high-vibrational frequencies that vitalize Life Force Energy in your food, water, atmosphere, and body for better health and well-being. The bio-resonance approach is an age-old but highly sophisticated way to change your life from the energetic level, which is the very foundation from which it manifests.


Putting Nature's Intelligence to work for better sleep.

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