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Using Life Force Energy to Improve Your Life

Lesson 10 - Putting It All Together

Welcome back to our Guru Tips guide to using Life Force Energy to improve your life. In the last lesson you learned how to become aware of your energy and work with it to improve its flow and vibration. Now in our final lesson we’re going to summarize all our earlier lessons as a handy reference that you can consult whenever necessary. (See the index at the bottom to view the lessons again.)

Lesson 1 – What is Life Force Energy?

In lesson 1 you learned that Life Force Energy is the invisible force that moves your life – and the entire Universe. Everything that exists manifests from Life Force Energy, including you and everything you experience. In modern terms it is called quantum energy, and in ancient times it was called Chi or Prana or Spirit or many different terms depending on the culture and the context. Regardless of what you call it, this underlying energy is ultimately what shapes you and your life, so learning to work with it gives you the power to create happiness, contentment, and success for yourself!

Lesson 2 – Grounding to Mother Earth

In lesson 2 you learned a practice for connecting your energy to the earth’s energy to create a sense of calm and strength. The human species evolved to be in physical contact with Mother Earth so that our bodies could absorb her positive, health giving energy. In our modern world we are mostly disconnected from the earth, so using this visualization practice you can reconnect and plant your roots firmly back in its loving energy.

Lesson 3 – Grounding for Equanimity

In lesson 3 you learned to extend your grounding technique into a practice for bringing more equanimity into your life. By doing some big picture thinking about all the positive aspects of your life and reflection on how past challenges have not truly changed the essence of who you are, you discovered that you can remain calm, strong, and poised even when faced with trials. By remaining firmly rooted in your core energy you can stand tall in the winds of life.

Lesson 4 – The Law of Attraction

In lesson 4 you learned about the Law of Attraction and how you can use it to help manifest the life that you desire. The Law of Attraction states that what you hold in your thoughts and emotions shapes your energy, and hence your life. So by keeping your mind full of positive thoughts and thus your emotions in a happy place, and with some visualization practice for specific goals in your life, you are able to directly influence the Life Force Energy within and around you so that your life unfolds according to your goals and wishes.

Lesson 5 – Managing Negative Energy

In lesson 5 you learned how to use the principle of the Law of Attraction to help you manage negative situations in your life. We are all faced with challenges – some just part of daily life and some more long-term – but by using mindfulness techniques to control your energy you can overcome all of them. It’s about watching for negative thoughts, acknowledging them, letting them go, and replacing them with positive thoughts. With practice this can really turn around your life.

Lesson 6 – Giving and Receiving Love and Light

In lesson 6 you learned how the energy that you send out to the Universe is always returned to you. So by emanating love and light from your being you can ensure that your life will be filled with positive energy. And of course positive energy leads to positive events in your life, so it’s an easy and joyful way to manifest an easy and joyful life. All it takes is a little time each day to practice trust, acceptance, and gratitude and then send the love out to the Universe!

Lesson 7 – Living in the Present

In lesson 7 you learned how time doesn’t exist in the realm of energy, only the present moment does – which has direct implications for your life. If you let your thoughts be preoccupied with either the past or the future you are going to be disconnected from the Life Force Energy. And even more important, most thoughts about the past and future are regrets and worries that are full of negative energy – not good! So by using the energy practices we’ve discussed to manage your thoughts and emotions, you can also keep yourself in the here and now so that you can live life more fully.

Lesson 8 – Relax and Trust the Life Force Energy

In lesson 8 you learned a powerful technique for reducing stress and anxiety in your life by trusting in the Life Force Energy. Trying to work against the energy of the Universe will always fail no matter how much you plan and “do”, so micro-managing your life from a negative perspective is pointless. But by attuning your energy to the Life Force Energy with positivity and visualization practices you can relax and simply “be” – and then watch as your life unfolds just as you had envisioned it!

Lesson 9 – Working with the Energy in Your Biofield

In lesson 9 you learned that both your physical and mental health are manifested from your biofield, so by working with your energy you can greatly improve your prospects for health and happiness. We went over some practices for moving energy into and around your body using breathing and visualization. With time this will enable you to feel or sense the energy in your biofield – and improve its flow, balance, and vibration to create a healthier, happier you!

Thank you for your time reading all about how you can use energy to shape your life for the better. Hopefully by now you’re convinced that only a few minutes each day spent on the energy practices we presented can have a powerful, positive impact on your life.

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  4. The Law of Attraction
  5. Managing Negative Energy
  6. Giving and Receiving Love and Light
  7. Living in the Present
  8. Relax and Trust the Life Force Energy
  9. Working with the Energy in Your Biofield

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